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Edi's Weekend Wave issue #1604

Dear Readers,

this month reading is my favourite recreational activity. The number of books I read so far is the proof for that. It is surprising and satisfying at the same time. I'm sure that will not continue forever but that does not matter.
Another surprise is that I stick with one exception to my list of books to read in January. I think I will do a slight change to my to read list for February in the way that I will not create a complete list. I need one or two slots for possible change of my mood.
I know that there will be at least one evening in February where I will not have time for reading. The Hateful 8 is coming to cinemas in Germany.

Today I started to write this post a bit later because I finished a book before.
But it was worth to spend the time for reading.

Now let's have a look what I put together today.


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The Lighthouse
Unbelievable but true I finished What a great week regarding reading. I finished again three books. I'm full of joy and happy with my reading progress. It is also great to be spontaneous which means in this case to discover a book and buy a digital copy on Thursday evening and finish the book on Saturday afternoon. Reading give me the strength to face the growing list of tasks at work.

I finished

- Steal the Sky (paperback, January 2016) [ISBN-13:978-0857664907] by Megan E. O'Keefe.
I wrote on GOODREADS:
"This solid fantasy debut novel delivers witty dialogue, a main character with an ignoble tongue, a story with twists and turns, funny moments, a pinch of steampunk and sword and sorcery. It is not my book of the year but I have had a good time with this book."

 - The Rising (digital, 1st December 2015) [ Kindle Edition ASIN:  B00ZPGBN1Y] by Ian Tregillis. Book 2 in the trilogy
I wrote on GOODREADS:
"This is the excellent second book in THE ALCHEMY WARS trilogy. 
A historical fantasy full of action and philosophical thoughts."

- The Butchered Man (digital, November 20111) [ Kindle Edition ASIN:  B00P0I1Z88] by Harriet Smart.
My review will be posted on 24th of January 2016


- 401 pages in Memories of Ice (this pb edition, August 2006) [ISBN-13: 978-0765348807] by Steven Erikson
A progress of 100 pages is not bad.

- 102 pages in Sword of the Bright Lady (pb, 2014) [ ISBN-13: 978-1616149888] by M.C. Planck.
So far some interesting aspects about the world Christopher Sinclair entered

 Enjoy your weekend ....


Dear readers, I'm the one to tell you about books - only books? What about novellas and other stuff? My name is Bona. I scour shelves, shops and the net for books. If you call me a book whore I would not gainsay you. But be aware I have my own, sometimes elusive taste.
New books on my shelf/reader or when one book leads to another

It seems the price for digital books is increasing. That means to think more about which books I really want to get a copy of.
Nevertheless seven books - one paperback and six digital copies - found a new home. Four books I ordered in advance in 2015. The remaining three books I bought spontaneously.

Let me start with the paperback copy. So far I read exactly three books by Dan Simmons: Hyperion, Terror and Drood
To be honest I love them all three. When I discovered last year that Dan Simmons worked on a book starring Sherlock Holmes I could not resist to order a copy in advance. Last week I got my paperback copy of The Fifth Heart (paperback, January 2016) [ISBN-13:978-0751548574] by Dan Simmons.
"In the tradition of Drood, a historical mystery in which Sherlock Holmes and Henry James team up to solve a literary puzzle.

In 1893, Sherlock Holmes and Henry James come to America together to solve the mystery of the 1885 death of Clover Adams, wife of the esteemed historian Henry Adams--member of the Adams family that has given the United States two Presidents. Clover's suicide appears to be more than it at first seemed; the suspected foul play may involve matters of national importance.

Holmes is currently on his Great Hiatus--his three-year absence after Reichenbach Falls during which time the people of London believe him to be deceased. Holmes has faked his own death because, through his powers of ratiocination, the great detective has come to the conclusion that he is a fictional character.

This leads to serious complications for James--for if his esteemed fellow investigator is merely a work of fiction, what does that make him? And what can the master storyteller do to fight against the sinister power -- possibly named Moriarty -- that may or may not be controlling them from the shadows?" [Source]

Each of the following two digital copies belong to a science fiction series.
Furneral Games (digital, 18th January 2016) [Kindle Edition ASIN:B00WR12LCU] by Jay Allan is the final book in the space opera series Far Star Trilogy.
"The battle for the unification and rule of the Far Stars Confederation will be decided in this exhilarating third and final book in the swashbuckling space saga begun with Shadow of Empire and Enemy in the Dark.

The Far Stars stands on the edge of a precipice. The forces of Governor Vos have surged forth, conquering worlds and imposing the emperor’s brutal rule over millions. Only one thing stands in the way of total victory: Marshal Augustin Lucerne and his newly created Confederation. Vos has a simple plan: assassinate the marshal, and manipulate his generals to fight over his legacy, destroying each other in the process.

But another threat lurks: Arkarin Blackhawk. The smuggler and mercenary has been the marshal’s ally, working in the shadows and unraveling Vos’ plans. The governor can only hope the mysterious adventurer continues to resist a formal position in the Confederation.

Or he can have Blackhawk assassinated, too.

Because with Blackhawk succeeding Lucerne, the black and gold imperial flags will be stained red with blood. For his is a dark and dangerous past, and if he is put at the helm of the Confederation armies, the brutal imperial general he once had been may rise once again.

The Far Stars are facing the final battle. The Imperials seem unstoppable. But if Blackhawk somehow survives—and can come to grips with the horror deep within him—he just might be able to save the Far Stars from the iron hand of empire." [Source]

Falcone Strike (digital, September 2015) [ Kindle Edition ASIN: B00UXX5BLM.] by Christopher Nuttall is the second book in the Angel in the Whirlwind series.

"Now a celebrated war hero, Captain Kat Falcone is back at the helm of HMS Lightning…and up against near-impossible odds. After an ill-timed outburst almost ends her career, Kat is handed command of a deep-strike mission into enemy space. The objective is to gather intelligence and distract the hostile Theocracy while the Commonwealth prepares its counteroffensive.

The chances for success are slim—and for survival even slimmer
Armed with a ragtag fleet of outdated starships, a few loyal officers, and a skeleton crew of refugees, Kat knows the Royal Navy expects her to fail. But failure almost certainly means death—or worse, as the Theocracy does not treat prisoners kindly. Pitted against the enemy defenses of her old nemesis Admiral Junayd, there is no room for error. And with a spy hidden aboard her ship, Kat will need more than her wits to survive. Can Kat enter the lion’s den, strike a blow for the Commonwealth, and escape with her life?" [Source]

Tim Akers goes epic fantasy with his new series The Hallowed War which opens with The Pagan Night (digital, 19th January 2016) [ Kindle Edition ASIN:  B018JPMZ8W]. It sound like old school which is nothing bad.
"The Celestial Church has all but eliminated the old pagan ways, ruling the people with an iron hand. Demonic gheists terrorize the land, hunted by the warriors of the Inquisition, yet it’s the battling factions within the Church and age-old hatreds between north and south that tear the land apart.

Malcolm Blakley, hero of the Reaver War, seeks to end the conflict between men, yet it will fall to his son, Ian, and the huntress Gwen Adair to stop the killing before it tears the land apart. The Pagan Night is an epic of mad gods, inquisitor priests, holy knights bound to hunt and kill, and noble houses fighting battles of politics, prejudice, and power." [Source]

Three digital copies left. All three belong to The Northminster Mysteries   developed and written by Harriet Smart. Set in the early Victorian era in the fictional town Of Northminster it tells the cases of Chief Constable Major Vernon and police surgeon Felix Carswell. While searching another book I stumbled on the description of the first book which intrigued me immediately.
Without hesitation I bought a digital copy of The Butchered Man (digital, November 20111) [ Kindle Edition ASIN:  B00P0I1Z88] by Harriet Smart.
"Northminster, 1840: a once-picturesque cathedral city, where dirty smoke stacks now rival ancient spires. When workmen make the shocking discovery of a mutilated corpse in a ditch outside the ancient walls, Giles Vernon and Felix Carswell are charged with solving the case. Intelligent and practical, Chief Constable Major Vernon has transformed the old city watch into a modern police force, and he throws himself into the investigation with the same energy. But as he probes a murky world of professional gamblers and jilted lovers, he is drawn into a dangerous emotional game that threatens to undermine his authority.

Newly-qualified police surgeon Felix Carswell is determined to make his way in the world on his own terms despite being the bastard son of prominent local grandee Lord Rothborough. Called to treat a girl in an asylum for reformed prostitutes, what he uncovers there brings him into conflict with his new employer, Vernon, and throws the case into disarray.

Together they must overcome their differences and find the brutal truth behind the mystery of The Butchered Man. The Butchered Man is the first Northminster Mystery featuring intrepid early-Victorian detectives Vernon and Carswell." [Source]
I started to read and could not put it down except for a few hours of sleep.
The Butchered Man (digital, delivered all what I appreciate when it comes to Victorian crime mystery. I definitely need more books starring Chief Constable Major Vernon and police surgeon Felix Carswell.
Fortunately two more Northminster Mysteries are available the fourth in the series will be published in February. I bought digital copies of the two available books directly after I had finished The Butchered Man.

These are the books:

The Dead Songbird (digital, February 2013) [ Kindle Edition ASIN:  B00BD75QQW] by Harriet Smart.
"“Death is too good for a whore like you. But He may show you mercy yet. BE PREPARED”

Celebrated singer Anna Morgan has come to Northminster to escape a troubled past and sing at the city's Handel Festival. But when she continues to receive the poisonous letters that have been plaguing her, she turns to Chief Constable Major Giles Vernon and Police Surgeon Felix Carswell to find her persecutor, drawing the two men into her charismatic orbit.

At the same time a talented young tenor is found dead in curious circumstances in a locked chapel, and the hunt for a murderer is on. Together, Vernon and Carswell must untangle the web of secrets that surround the dead man, uncovering a Northminster that throbs with clandestine passions and thwarted desires, a world of illegal pornographic books and risqué theatricals.

However, Felix finds himself bedevilled by romantic feelings for the beautiful Anna, who may or may not be his father's mistress, while Giles must face the tragedy of his own marriage before he is able to determine the truth behind the mystery of The Dead Songbird.

The Dead Songbird is the second Northminster Mystery featuring early-Victorian detectives Vernon and Carswell." [Source]

The Shadowcutter (digital, March 2015) [ Kindle Edition ASIN:  B00V8YEBWU] by Harriet Smart.
"Police surgeon Felix Carswell has joined Major Giles Vernon and his convalescent wife, Laura, for a few days in the elegant spa town of Stanegate – it’s a welcome holiday from the summer stench of Northminster. But no sooner has he arrived than a Spanish colonial gentleman, dying of consumption, requires his urgent care, while Major Vernon is called away to Lord Rothborough’s country house, where a lady’s maid has been found drowned in a secluded pool.

Major Vernon investigates above and below stairs in the great house, assisted by Lord Rothborough’s eldest daughter, Lady Charlotte. When a quantity of valuable jewellery is found missing, the cause of the dead maid’s death only becomes more mysterious.

Meanwhile, when his patient dies in his arms after confiding a secret, Carswell is drawn into baffling intrigues involving the government-in-exile of the dead man’s homeland, the Caribbean island of Santa Magdalena. And strangest of all, Dona Blanca, the widow of the president, seems to know exactly who Felix is.

Over the course of the summer, Vernon and Carswell together doggedly search for the truth behind these troubling events, but their determination leads to a shocking personal tragedy for both of them, one which that will force them to reassess their lives and their careers, and leave them changed forever.

From the grand hotels of a fashionable spa town to a sordid illegal dog fight; from back-stair intrigues in a great country house to political conspiracies and fencing matches, The Shadowcutter sees the welcome return of early Victorian detectives, Major Giles Vernon and Felix Carswell." [Source]

No more today, see you next week ......


Hey, I'm Bona Fide. I just came back from my last foray through the blogosphere. What can you expect from me? I tell you: Everything from Art to Fart as long as there is any faint connection to books. And here is some honey from the beehive blogosphere...

Is it only me who is about women hairstyle? When I look around in the office I see only women with straight long hair. The only differ in colour. It looks like a uniform. Where have all the hairstyles gone? Is it just a question of time to spend for styling hair? There has been a lot more variety in Victorian era as you can see in following post over at English Historical Fiction Authors.

Backpack helicopters
To fly - the ongoing dream. There has been a time when a lot of people worked on the development of backpack helicopters. Over at Atlas Obscura you can read about the history of backpack helicopters garnered with pictures.

State of the art robots
What would science fiction be without robots? A lot of stories would not work without them. Around the world robot development is in progress and there are impressive results. Of course military is interested in and in some cases involved in. The WebUrbanist put together ten amazing robot projects.

Face reconstruction
Nowadays plastic surgery delivers a lot of possibilities to reconstruct faces damaged by accidents and wars. But what happened to all the WW I victims? A
subtitled silent movie from 1918 give an answer. Head over to The Public Domain Review where you can see the film and read an additional text

Fashion trends, deadly fashion trends
Believe it or not my wife reads my blog. After the lethal doses infographic I shared last week she sent me some proposals for today's post. I picked up the following one because it contains some trends I was not aware of. Have a look at following video and shake your head about what people did to be trendy.

That's it for today. Come back next week for more ......


Hey, it's me Fide. I'm a remote control professional. I'm that fast that I can watch two movies at the same time.

This week I want to share two trailers for movies to hit the cinemas in summer 2016.

Independence Day: Resurgence
Is it really true? 20 years passed since Independence Day hit the cinemas. Sometimes it take some time to get a sequel. Most surprising beside the technical development is the comparison of the cast between Independence Day and Independence Day: Resurgence. Some people maybe disappointed because Captain Steven Hiller (Will Smith) does not return. But (Will Smith) entered another team as you can see in the next trailer.

Suicide Squad
I admit that I'm not familiar with the characters belonging to DC Comics. Therefore I was not sure what to expect from the official Suicide Squad trailer.
After watching the trailer several times I must say that music and film fit together perfectly. So far I'm interested in the film. The action is impressive and I hope there will be some good story too.

That's it for today. Come back next week for more ......

I 'm the Keeper of the minutes. But I don't mind when you call me Kotm. No, no. I don't explain to you how to pronounce.

Nothing to add to following quote .............

"The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one grew before.

Thorstein Veblen, American economist and sociologist, 1857 -1929


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Suicide Squad looks wicked awesome.
Removal of ribs? Now that is just crazy. I knew about the foot binding and the neck rings, but rib removal is a new one to me.
Glad you've had a lot of time for books lately. Enjoy!

ediFanoB said...

Hi alex it is such a great gift to spend so much time for reading. I must thank my wife to give me the freedom to spend most of my spare time for reading.

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