Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015

Dear Readers,

I did not write an end of the year 2014 post. But I decided to write an end of the year 2015 post.

This has been a mixed year.
"My wishes for 2015 are plain and simple:
- Stay healthy
- Read as many books as possible
- Write as many reviews as possible "

I stayed healthy but I suffered from the heat in summer and I did not cope well with all the stress and pressure at work.

In sum I read 61 books and failed my reading challenge by nine books.
Nevertheless I had the pleasure to read some extraordinary books.

In sum I wrote 10 reviews which is more than I wrote in the year before.

2015 has been an excellent year when it comes to video games. My highlight is Fallout 4 followed by Divinity: Original Sin enhanced and Dragon Age: Inquisition which my wife and I finished each.

As every year best of 2015 posts popped up after Christmas.
Instead of a top five list I want to mention some books which really impressed my and I have to send a big thank you to an author and friend of the blog who lives on the other side of the pond.

Dear Alex J. Cavanaugh,
thank you so much for all your visits and encouraging comments! You are a true friend even we do not know each other in person.

I did not read often short stories.
But I read a good one by Alex J. Cavanaugh.
I don't know how often I praised his  Cassa trilogy [Kindle ASIN: B00ZAP5PV4].
Of course there was a real end but the future of several characters remained uncertain. It was up to the reader to imagine how the story would continue.
which had a great impact on all my hobbies.

Fortunately loves his fans and enjoyed them with a short story taken place after the end of the trilogy. I think my reading impression of Dragon's Destiny shows how much a liked it.

13 of the 61 books I read are related to science fiction.
I'm more than happy that I started to read books by well known and established authors.

Red Mars (first 1992; digital, April 2013) [ Kindle Edition ASIN:  B0165YN9PW] by Kim Stanley Robinson  and the Commonwealth Saga. Now Judas Unchained  ( first published in 2004; digital 2004)  [Kindle Edition ASIN: B000FCKPJ4] by Peter F. Hamilton  impressed me a lot.

Beside that I need to mention the extraordinary debut novel  The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (digital, February 2015) [Kindle edition ASIN: 
B00LUJD700] by Becky Chambers.

There are three more books which I reviewed and which left a permanent impression.

The House of Moriarty (digital, November 2015) [ Kindle Edition ASIN:  B010RALV14] by Sam Christer which is a pen name used by author Michael Morley.

Sherlock Holmes: Gone in the Fog (digital, January 2013) [Kindle ASIN: B00R0JS87Q] by Ray Ziemecki.

1884 No Boundaries A STORY OF ESPIONAGE, AND INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE (digital, 29th April 2015 [Kindle ASIN: B00NS53SX0] by A. E. Wasserman
 My wishes for 2016 nearly the same as the ones for 2016are plain and simple:
- Stay healthy
- Read as many books as possible
- Write as many reviews as possible

- Play Fallout 4 (I don't know how many hours I will need to finish)
- Read book two and three of the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson.
- Read more books in the Malazan Empire
 I'm in book three Memories of Ice (pb, 2006; first published in 2000) [ISBN-13: 978-0765348807] by Steven Erikson
I follow the reading order posted over at The Wertzone.
Finally I wish you and your dear and near ones 
joie de vivre, 
and always a good book at hand 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And thank you, my friend, for being my most devoted reader fan! You have kept me writing when I would've quit long ago.
I hope it's a long time before either of us reach the end of Fallout 4.
Here's to a prosperous and healthy 2016!

Zoltán Gecse said...

Good health and I wish you a happy new year!

Read a lot, blog a lot. :)

ediFanoB said...

Hi Alex,
thank you for your kind words. Blogging without you, your books, your blog, and your comments would not be the same.

Let's enjoy 2016 on every level.

ediFanoB said...

Hi Zoltán.

I really appreciate

"Read a lot, blog a lot"

Same to you.

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