Sunday, August 31, 2014

Edi's Weekend Wave issue #1435

Hello and welcome to issue #1435 of Edi's Weekend Wave.

Dear Readers,
again you get the post on Sunday instead of Saturday. There are two reasons for that. Last week has been busy with work and creative sessions in the evenings. My beloved wife and I prepared top hats and goggles made of rubber foam and furthermore she sewed a blouse and I sewed a pair of trousers.
And why did we do this? Because of an event taking place on 30th and 31st of August 2014.

On Saturday my wife, some friends and I went to a fantasy and role playing convention named FaRK. We left home at 8 am in the morning and returned home at 10:40 pm. We drove in sum 370 km (= around 230 miles) and have had a fantastic day.

Instead of movie trailers I will show you some pictures of our creations and of course two videos where we got the idea from.

 And now


Edi's Guidepost

The Lighthouse
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  1. Reading progress
The latest report from our shelf shop net correspondent Bona
  1. New books on my shelf/reader or when one book leads to another 
Messages from the depths of the blogosphere by spheronaut Bona Fide
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  2. Early film trickery
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Remote control junkie Fide and his zapping highlights
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The member of the house of quotes and a quote himself the Keeper of the minutes ( we call him Kotm) fished for you
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The Lighthouse
There has been not much time left for reading due to activies explained later on. Nevertheless I finished a book and started to read a new one.

I finished

- Murder by Misrule (digital 2014) [ Kindle Edition ASIN:  B00J9TABYS] by Anna Castle.I wrote on GOODREADS:
"This is an entertaining medieval historical mystery with lovable characters, profound historical background, scenes to smile and an interesting plot. It is "lighter" in tone compared to The Secret World of Christoval Alvarez set in the same period of time. Looking forward to read the next book in the series - Death by Disputation - to be published in December 2014."


- 112 pages in The Incorruptibles ( digital August 2014) [Kindle Edition ASIN:   B00MNLLVZW] by John Hornor Jacobs.
There are a lot of good reviews available. So far it is not bad  but I do not share the praises. Will see what the remaining 130 pages will deliver

No progress

- 176 pages in Memories of Ice (pb, 2006; first published in 2000) [ISBN-13: 978-0765348807] by Steven Erikson

- 74 pages in Britannia's Wolf  (digital 2013) [ Kindle Edition ASIN:  B00CLHET9S] by Antoine Vanner.

- 177 pages in Perdido Street Station (pb, 2003; first published in 2000) [ISBN-13: 978-0345459404] by China Miéville.

- 241 pages in the Amelia Peabody's Murder Mystery Omnibus (digital, pb, 2012) [Kindle Edition ASIN: B007PRZJAW] by Elizabeth Peters.

- 98 pages in The Invention of Murder: How the Victorians Revelled in Death and Detection and Created Modern Crime (digital 2011) [ Kindle Edition ASIN: B004FPYX72] by Judith Flanders.

- 172 pages in the Emperor of Thorns (pb, August 2013) [ISBN-13: 978-0007439058] by Mark Lawrence,

 Enjoy your weekend ....


Dear readers, I'm the one to tell you about books - only books? What about novellas and other stuff? My name is Bona. I scour shelves, shops and the net for books. If you call me a book whore I would not gainsay you. But be aware I have my own, sometimes elusive taste.

New books on my shelf/reader or when one book leads to another

Incredible! A new book for me from a German author. That is something rare for me. In 2013 I devoured a copy of Maschinengeist (pb 2012, digital 2009) [Paperback ISBN-13: 978-3867621205; Kindle Edition ASIN: B008EV2YCO] by Chris Schlicht within one day.
I wrote on GOODREADS:
"Maschinengeist is a mix of steampunk, alternate history and crime. It is a dark one and has nothing to do with an idyllic world.
The language fits to the story which is predictable at a certain point.
Nevertheless it is most entertaining and I devoured it within one day.

And yesterday I found and bought immediately a paperback copy of Maschinenseele (pb April 2014 2009) [Paperback ISBN-13: 978-3867622042; Kindle Edition ASIN:  B00L2F7LRC] by Chris Schlicht. I look forward to  read the next case of Oberkommissar Peter Langendorf
"Wir schreiben das Jahr 1900. Im Stadtmoloch Frankfurt-Wiesbaden versucht Oberkommissar Peter Langendorf, eine Mordserie aufzuklären. Ein Wahnsinniger tötet scheinbar wahllos Menschen, denen er ein Körperteil raubt und deren Leichen er an öffentlichen Orten zur Schau stellt.

Doch damit nicht genug - – wieder bekommt Langendorf es mit Ratten zu tun, diesmal mit Fliegenden, und auch die Familie von Wallenfels, seine alte Nemesis, scheint weiter üble Ränke zu schmieden." [Source]
I look forward to  read the next case of Oberkommissar Peter Langendorf. I'm sure this time it will take longer to finish the book which stands for 544 pages.

I read and liked Ghost in the Machine (digital 2012) [Kindle edition ASIN: B007U7GQHM] by Ed James. It is the first police procedural set in nowadays Scotland starring Detective Constable Scott Cullen. I own copies on book two and three of the ongoing series. When the price for Dyed in the Wool (digital 2013) [Kindle edition ASIN: B00DTG5BTM] dropped below four EUR, I bought a copy.
"Detective Constable Scott Cullen finds his professional and private lives at opposite ends of the spectrum. While his career is stagnating - impacted by the jockeying for position ahead of the formation of the Scottish Police Service, as much as by his own inability to push his case for promotion - his relationship with DS Sharon McNeill goes from strength-to-strength, until dinner with both sets of parents is interrupted by a call to action.

A body has been found in a Range Rover at the foot of a shale bing in West Lothian.

Cullen is forced to go back to his old stomping ground, haunted by figures from his past. DS Colin Methven, the latest officer occupying the position that Cullen has long coveted, is intent on straightening out Cullen’s cowboy nature, which has fractured his friendship with DC Angela Caldwell. Lurking in the background is DI Paul Wilkinson, trying to push Cullen back to a recent major case. As the mysteries are compounded, Cullen starts to feel lost among the dyed in the wool." [Source]

The third and last book for this week is the paperback copy of a book which I ordered in advance.
Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon (September 2014) [Paperback ISBN-13:  978-1909679337] by David Barnett which is the second book in the Gideon Smith series.
"Nineteenth century London is the center of a vast British Empire, a teeming metropolis where steam-power is king and airships ply the skies, and where Queen Victoria presides over three quarters of the known world—including the east coast of America, following the failed revolution of 1775.

Young Gideon Smith has seen things that no green lad of Her Majesty’s dominion should ever experience. Through a series of incredible events Gideon has become the newest Hero of the Empire. But Gideon is a man with a mission, for the dreaded Texas pirate Louis Cockayne has stolen the mechanical clockwork girl, Maria, along with a most fantastical weapon—a great brass dragon that was unearthed beneath ancient Egyptian soil. Maria is the only one who can pilot the beast, so Cockayne has taken girl and dragon off to points east.

Gideon and his intrepid band take to the skies and travel to the American colonies hot on Cockayne’s trail. Not only does Gideon want the machine back, he has fallen in love with Maria. Their journey will take them to the wilds of the lawless lands south of the American colonies—to free Texas, where the mad King of Steamtown rules with an iron fist (literally), where life is cheap and honor even cheaper.

Does Gideon have what it takes to not only save the day but win the girl?

David Barnett's Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon is a fantastical steampunk fable set against an alternate historical backdrop: the ultimate Victoriana/steampunk mash-up!" [Source]

No more today, see you next week ......


Hey, I'm Bona Fide. I just came back from my last foray through the blogosphere. What can you expect from me? I tell you: Everything from Art to Fart as long as there is any faint connection to books. And here is some honey from the beehive blogosphere...

The art of swimming
It seems nowadays less and less people learn how to swim. I learned to swim at school. But what do we know about the art of swimming in 1587? If you want to know more about it then visit The Public Domain Review and have a look at

 Early film trickery
Today a lot of film tricks are generated with computer power. For me it is much more fascinating to get information about film tricks in the early days of films. Over at The Public Domain Review: you can see an example of a film trick shown in a short movie from 1901.

I know that a lot of readers like maps related to books. Fortunately there are blogs who do a really good job to find maps related to fantasy books. If you like maps related to books then you should visit A Fantasy Reader and have a look at

That's it for today. Come back next week for more ......


Hey, it's me Fide. I'm a remote control professional. I'm that fast that I can watch two movies at the same time.

A while ago my wife and I watched following videos.

The following pictures show what we made out of them.

Top hat and goggles created by my wife

This is my creation

Furthermore I tailored a pair of front fall trousers with in sum 16 buttons.

That's all for today. See you next time....


I 'm the Keeper of the minutes. But I don't mind when you call me Kotm. No, no. I don't explain to you how to pronounce.

Maybe one should not ask people to suggest solutions if oneself is aware that the other person does not have the knowledge needed for proper suggestions ....

"It's so much easier to suggest solutions when you don't know too much about the problem.

Malcolm Forbes, US publisher and author, 1919 - 1990


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Your hats are awesome! Probably some of the best I've seen. Amazing that you are both able to create and sew. My wife can darn socks and I'm a couple steps below that...

ediFanoB said...

Dear Alex,

thanks for compliments. I can tell you that sewing is something most satisfying for me and my wife.

After wearing the top hats yesterday for nearly the whole day, I can tell you that we need a little improvement. If you wear the hat it is like avacuum inside. It is getting hot and you start sweating. We need louver.

Beside that the hats agreat and we earned a lot of compliments which is the reward for all the work invested.

I work on a full dress consisting of a vest, pants, shirt, frock coat and a multifunctional bag.
But that will take months .....

Will show results whenever something has been finished.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Goodness your hats are truly amazing. I would love to see a pic of you dressed in your gear. Complete with 16 buttons.

What a great way to share time and creativity. And the fair sounds like fun too.

Everything is so close where you are. We dream of visiting Hamburg, for the miniature railway, but it is on the other side of the world. If we ever get back to the continent, there are so many things on our 'to do' and 'to see' list. And they are all in your backyard... so to speak. :)

Thanks for another great post. Swimming has changed a little. LOL. Today is the first day of spring here and I look forward to warmer water in the olympic pool. The 25m heated pool means I have to turn so often. hehe.
Still, better than not being able to swim at all.
Roll on summer and warm weather.

Zoltán Gecse said...

These steampunk hats are realy awesome! Good work!

ediFanoB said...

Hello Zoltán,

thanks for the kind words. It was a fun to make them.

I really like to do something with my own hands.

ediFanoB said...

Dear Rosalie,

so nice to see you back again. It is fantastic to share a hobby with his partner.

There is a big difference between Australia and Germany when it comes to distance.

Thank you for your kind words. Have a look at your mail account. A surprise is waiting for you :-)

I understand your wish to visit the miniature railway in Hamburg. To be honest we also would like to visit it. Maybe we will do it after my retirement...

Enjoy spring. We enjoy upcoming autumn.

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