Monday, March 03, 2014

Limited Offer: Dragonfly Warrior by Jay Noel for 99 Cents

Dear Readers,

Monday  seems to end a lot better than I expected early in the morning. I have had another tough day at work. In order to relax a bit I checked my digital book wish list over at

To my pleasure I found a great deal for one of the books. I talk about

Dragonfly Warrior 
(digital, December 2013) [ASIN: B00HCQAUCS] 

"The Mechanica Wars: Savage Machines Are Afoot...

At the age of twenty, Kanze Zenjiro's bloody footprints mark the bodies of those who stood in his way to protect the throne of Nihon. Now, the tyrannical Iberian Empire is bent on destroying his kingdom, and they send their steam-powered giants and iron spiders against him.

Zen embarks on a quest that takes him on the most dangerous journey of his life. To succeed, Zen must live up to his nickname, the Dragonfly Warrior, and kill all his enemies with only a sword and a pair of six-guns and somehow survive a test of faith and loyalty in a world so cruel and merciless, it borders on madness." [Source]
 I do not know the book. It has been recommended to me over at GOODREADS and the only thing I can say is, that I'm picky when it comes to book recommendations.

I read several reviews over at GOODREADS and AMAZON and following expression appeared again and again:
"Steampunk with Japanese flavor"

Now is your chance to put your nose into a Steampunk novel which is set OUTSIDE Victorian Britain. Furthermore it is a debut novel AND the first book in a series.

I do not not know how long the offer will be valid. So hurry up to get your digital copy over at

For more information about the author and the book(s) please visit


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Already have my copy but will send out a Tweet about it!

ediFanoB said...

Hi Alex,
I think Jay Noel will like it.

Jay Noel said...

Thanks so much for showcasing my book, Edi. It's Asian-inspired steampunk, but there's also Norse, Arthurian, and Greek mythology in there.

And of course, it's all wrapped up in some steampunk goodness. Interestingly, most of my readers are not typically steampunk fans.

ediFanoB said...

Hello Jay,

how kind of you to visit my blog.
To be honest I like steampunk a lot and I'm member of the German steampunk community Rauchersalon.
I look forward to read Dragonfly Warrior.

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