Sunday, April 07, 2013

Edi's Weekend Wave issue #1314

Hello and welcome to issue #1314 of Edi's Weekend Wave.

In the past months my blog showed as much reviews as you find skyscrapers in the Sahara. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. I work on two reviews which I hope to finish in a couple of days.
I'm sorry for the delay of the post. Unfortunately I have been too tired to finish it on Saturday.


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The Lighthouse

My reading progress express my curiosity for books and is at the same time an indicator for my mood. With all these unread books around me I feel like boy visiting a toy shop. In sum I read 385 pages.

I finished

- no book


- still 76 pages in The Victorian Tailor (pb, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0312642334] by Jason Maclochlainn
No progress this week.I tried to practice a bit in form of discovering the secrets of our sewing machine.

- 85 pages in Deadhouse Gates (pp, reprint 2006) [ISBN-13: 978-0765348791] by Steven Erikson
No progress this week. I was not in the right mood to continue.

- 98 pages in Tomorrow the Killing (pb ARC, 2013) by Daniel Polansky.
A small progress. The chapters are are short but nevertheless push the the story forward.

- 171 pages in The Tattered Banner (digital ARC, 2013) [Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1481013222] by Duncan Hamilton 

A small progress. There has been one event which indicate that there is more behind the story than one first expect.

- 191 pages in The Incendiary's Trail (digital 2011) [Amazon Kindle ASIN: B004P1JB82]by James McCreet.
I bought the book last week. I just wanted to have a first look but I could not stop reading. A fascinating story, told in a clever way with really interesting characters.

- 47 pages in The Daedalus Incident by Michael J. Martinez.
A promising start with two time lines. A mix of science fction and fantasy. Alchemy plays a certain role.

- 39 The Forever Knight (hc, US, 2nd of April 2013)[ISBN-13:  978-0756407513] by John Marco.
A promising start. 

 Enjoy your weekend ....


Dear readers, I'm the one to tell you about books - only books? What about novellas and other stuff? My name is Bona. I scour shelves, shops and the net for books. If you call me a book whore I would not gainsay you. But be aware I have my own, sometimes elusive taste.

So far I did not read a book by Guy Adams. A couple of months ago The GOOD The BAD And The INFERNAL (pb, 26th of March 2013)[ISBN-13:  978-1781080894] aroused my interest and I ordered a copy in advance.
"“You wish to meet your God?” the gunslinger asked, cocking his revolver, “well now... that’s easy to arrange.” Every one hundred years a town appears. From a small village in the peaks of Tibet to a gathering of mud huts in the jungles of South American, it can take many forms. It exists for twenty-four hours then vanishes once more, but for that single day it contains the greatest miracle a man could imagine: a doorway to Heaven.
It is due to appear on the 21st September 1889 as a ghost town in the American Midwest. When it does there are many who hope to be there: traveling preacher Obeisance Hicks and his simple messiah, a brain-damaged Civil War veteran; Henry and Harmonium Jones and their freak show pack of outlaws; the Brothers of Ruth and their sponsor Lord Forset (inventor of the Forset Thunderpack and other incendiary modes of personal transport); finally, an aging gunslinger who lost his wings at the very beginning of creation and wants nothing more than to settle old scores.
A weird western, a gun-toting, cigarrillo-chewing fantasy built from hangman’s rope and spent bullets. The West has never been wilder." [Source]

I admit the blurb sounds weird. Sometimes I feel the need to read something like that. In the meantime I read the Falcata Times review of the book. It was not the kid of book they expected which does not mean it is bad. So I have to find out on my own whether I will like it or not.

I bought a digital copy of the following book:
Cloud Shadows (digital 2013) [Amazon Kindle ASIN:  B00BWDNAF6] by Milo Crispin which is the first book of the Spireminster Chronicles.
"Cloud Shadows is set within an alternative nineteenth century Britain - a twilight Britain of princes and great rural estates which lies under the shadow of war.
The year is 1894 and Dr. Elfred Spirk, tormented recluse and former airshipman, struggles to find meaning in his life after his wife's tragic death. Pulled from the very brink of self-destruction when his old plans for an aerial expedition are seized upon at last, he finds himself thrust into the centre of things. But all is not what it seems, and as he struggles to achieve his dream of sailing across one of the last true wildernesses, he becomes aware that he is but a pawn in a greater struggle between sinister forces ...
Forces that will seek to demand his allegiance by any means that they can." [Source]

There is a little story behind why I bought the copy. Author Milo Crispin sent me a review request for Cloud Shadows. As always I have a look at the request. In this case I read the keywords fantasy, alternative history and steampunk(ish) which forced me to have a closer look. got me with the background of the story. English history changed on Saturday the 14th October 1066 during the Battle of Hastings. I checked immediately the price of the digital copy - 1.15 EURO (= 1.49 USD; = 0.79 GBP) - and decided to buy a copy. Afterwards I informed that I want to read and review his book and that I do not need a review copy because I bought one on my own. Normally I don't do that but in the case I was in a good mood, the price was cheap and the story promising. I look forward to my holiday in May where I want to read a lot of books ....

In July 2012 I did a triple post (review, interview, giveaway) for the alternate history debut novel Land of Hope and Glory (pb, 2012)[ISBN-13: 978-1444721126] by Geoffrey Wilson.
I wrote:

 Within last week I received a mail from Geoffrey Wilson. He told me that his second book The Place of Dead Kings (pb, March 2013)[ISBN-13: 978-1444721157] is out now! I missed it with all the trouble in the past month! So was really happy to receive the information directly from the author. But there was more. Geoffrey Wilson asked me if I would like to get a review copy of The Place of Dead Kings. Of course I said yes, yes, yes!
This is not the end of good news. finished the third book and will soon start to work on maps and timeline. Watch the website for updates. Finally there is the plan for a giveaway of The Place of Dead Kings.

And now I show you the cover and the description of The Place of Dead Kings.
"In Land of Hope and Glory, Geoffrey Wilson created a world where the Indian Mutiny takes place in a very different England, while magic is a weapon controlled by her foreign oppressors.
Now, the rebellion of 1852 has failed and brutal General Vadula governs England. Only a few small bands of English rebels still hold out against the Rajthanan empire.
Jack Casey, reluctant hero of the resistance, has survived to live with his daughter in the remote wilds of Shropshire, training young rebels to use the conqueror's magic. But he is gravely ill, with only two months to live ...
Then rebel spies bring news of a rogue Indian sorcerer in Scotland. Mahajan has discovered a mysterious power in the uncharted country to the north - a power that could be the legendary Holy Grail. The Rajthanans have already assembled an army to search for Mahajan. Jack has nothing to lose now. He agrees to lead his own men, disguised as porters for the conquerors, on the same gruelling march.
They hope to find a weapon that will free England from her oppressors. But they discover something that is beyond what any of them ever expected." [Source]

No more today, see you next week ......


Hey, I'm Bona Fide. I just came back from my last foray through the blogosphere. What can you expect from me? I tell you: Everything from Art to Fart as long as there is any faint connection to books. And here is some honey from the beehive blogosphere...

Two days ago author Peter V. Brett surprised the reader of his blog Peephole in My Skull with a very unusual book review.
Why unusual? I think the introductory words explain all.
"You may be wondering how I am reviewing a book that is not due to be published for several months. The truth is, I couldn’t wait."
The book in question is the final volume of the Broken Empire Trilogy by Mark LawrenceEmperor of Thorns (hc, 6th of August 2013)[ISBN-13:  978-0425256855]
"To reach the throne requires that a man journey. Even a path paved with good intentions can lead to hell, and my intentions were never good.
The Hundred converge for Congression to politic upon the corpse of Empire, and while they talk the Dead King makes his move, and I make mine. The world is cracked, time has run through, leaving us clutching at the end days, the future so bright that those who see it are the first to burn. These are the days that have waited for us all our lives. These are my days. I will stand before the Hundred and they will listen. I will take the throne whoever seeks to thwart me, living or dead, and if I must be the last emperor then I will make of it such an ending.
This is where the wise man turns away. This is where the holy kneel and call on God. These are the last miles, my brothers. Don't look to me to save you. Don't think I will not spend you. Run if you have the wit. Pray if you have the soul. Stand your ground if courage is yours. But don't follow me.
Follow me, and I will break your heart." [Source]

Like  Peter V. Brett I like the series a lot. Is there a better way to express the love for a book in the way  Peter V. Brett did it in a spoiler free.
Of course is on my 2013 list!

Depending on which blogs you follow you may heard about the problems occurring to publisher Night Shade Books. It is sad to see that another publisher will disappear. If you want to know more about what happened I highly recommend following post over a Staffer's Book Review:

Before I started with my own blog I have been a contributor to Only The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy.
If you live in USA and if you are interested in science fiction and fantasy then I recommend to have a look at
Giveaway: SF/F Variety Pack
The winner will get six books!! Good Luck!

That's it for today. Come back next week for more ......

Hey, it's me Fide. I'm a remote control professional. I'm that fast that I can watch two movies at the same time.

But don't worry. All the stuff I present to you will be shown at normal speed.

I did not find a movie trailer which I would like to share with you. Therefore you get something completely different.

I like airships a lot. As you may know the airship era ended with the Hindenburg disaster on 6th of May 1937. The following video delivers original footage. Therefore the sound quality is not that good.

Of course there are still blimps and other dirigibles. But that is nothing compared to the majestic 245 meters (803 feet) long LZ129 Hindenburg gliding through the air.

Airships have not been forgotten and there have been several attempts to reestablish airships as cargo lifter.

Now it seems that several companies work on the construction of so called hybrid airships. The Californian company Aeros is on of the companies working of a new generation of airships. Have a look at the following video.

The US Army is one step ahead as the following video shows.

I hope airships will return in form of hybrid airships. I would like to travel with one of them and see the world from above and gliding through air at a modest speed.

That's all for today. See you next time....

I 'm the Keeper of the minutes. But I don't mind when you call me Kotm. No, no. I don't explain to you how to pronounce.

Can you imagine a life without curiosity?  .......

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.

Dorothy Parker, US author, humorist, poet, wit (1893 - 1967)
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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I didn't know Night Shade Books was going under. That's sad.

Zoltán Gecse said...

Land of Hope and Glory by Geoffrey Wilson was a very great book. I think the sequel of it will be good as well.

ediFanoB said...

Hi Alex,
inded it is sad when a publisher is going under because it means les opportunities for new authors.

ediFanoB said...

Hi Zoltán,
so we are at least two people who enjoyed the first book.
I look forward to read the second in the series.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Edi,
It is sad to hear Night Shade Books is going under.
Mark Lawrence's book looks great. As usual.
The idea of bringing back dirigibles is exciting.
I have been watching old episodes of Fringe where they have airships in the alternate universe. As you say, they would be an interesting way to travel.

ediFanoB said...

Hi Rosalie,
you are an author. Maybe you know what happens with book rights when a publisher goes under?

I would like to travel around the world in a dirigible together with people like you.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Edi,
I asked some other authors too and as far as we have come across the issue, when a small publishing house closes, they notified their authors and returned all book rights.

It would seem the only fair and reasonable practise, but I have heard horror stories too about trying to get rights back... though not in terms of the publishing company going under.

I wonder what length journey you could undertake in a dirigible... (love the word) hehe. Imagine crossing the Pacific, or Atlantic... you would really be at the mercy of the prevailing wind.

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