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Historical Fiction for free: Catching the Eagle by Karen Charlton

Dear Readers,

do you like historical fiction? Do you like 19th century England?
Would you like to get a novel based on a true story for free?

Then I have something interesting for you!
I talk about Catching the Eagle (2011) [available in hardcover = ISBN-13: 978-1908483034; in paperback = ISBN-13: 978-1908483041 and in Kindle format =ASIN: B006IBBNT2] by Karen Charlton, which is the first novel in the Regency Reivers Series.
"Easter Monday, 1809: Kirkley Hall manor house is mysteriously burgled. When suspicion falls on Jamie Charlton, he and his family face a desperate battle to save him from the gallows.
When £1,157 rent money is stolen from Kirkley Hall, it is the biggest robbery Northumberland has ever known. The owner sends for Stephen Lavender, a principal officer with the Bow Street magistrate’s court in London, to investigate the crime. Suspicion soon falls on impoverished farm labourer, Jamie Charlton, and the unpopular steward, Michael Aynsley.
Jamie Charlton is a loving family man but he is hot-tempered and careless. As the case grows against him, it seems that only his young brother, William, can save him from an impending miscarriage of justice. But William is struggling with demons of his own. Desperate to break free from the tangled web of family ties which bind him to their small community, he is alarmed to find that he is falling in love with Jamie’s wife." [Source]
Following video delivers the background of the story:

You can read the prologue and the first chapter over at the author's site.

Today you can download the Kindle edition for free!!
I don't know how long the offer will be valid. So hurry up if you want a copy.

Go! Grab your copy now and then return to this post.
I have something more to tell.

In Catching the Eagle you meet Detective Stephen Lavender and his  sidekick, Constable Woods.
Both are the main characters of the new Detective Lavender Mystery series. The first book in the series, The missing Heiress [Hardcover = ISBN-13: 978-1908483706; Kindle = ASIN: B00AJA8HYM] has been released on 6th of December 2012.
"Northumberland, November 1809: A menacing figure stalks women through Hareshaw Woods and a beautiful, young heiress disappears from her locked bedchamber.
The townsfolk cry 'witchcraft' and the local constabulary are baffled. Helen Carnaby's worried uncle sends for help from Bow Street magistrates' court in London. Detective Stephen Lavender and Constable Woods now face their toughest and most dangerous assignment. Convinced, at first, that this is just a simple case of a young woman eloping with a lover, Lavender and Woods are alarmed to discover a sinister, murderous world of madness, violence and secrets lurking behind the heavy oak door of the ancient pele tower at Linn Hagh. Why did Helen Carnaby flee on that wintry October night? How did she get out of her locked bed chamber? And where is she now?
Hindered by Helen's uncooperative siblings, distracted by gypsies, rebellious farmers, highwaymen and an attractive and feisty Spanish senora, Helen Carnaby's disappearance is to prove one of the most perplexing mysteries of Lavender's career." [Source]
In order to celebrate the launch of The missing Heiress, author Karen Charlton is running a competition which closes December 31st 2012.
With a little bit of luck you can win a signed copy of The missing Heiress.

In order to take part, visit the author's site and follow the instructions. 

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