Friday, December 21, 2012

FOR FREE: Princess Soraya and The Secret Order of Maracanda

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Between the first and second book of the Varangian trilogy Sabine Atkins ended up with a new idea.

"While creating the background for Edric, the hero in my "Varangian" book series, I ended up with wanting to write a Young Adult novel as well, but with a female main character and written for a predominantly young female audience." [Source]

Since a couple of weeks the first result is availablae in form of Princess Soraya and The Secret Order of Maracanda  (eBook , 2012) [ASIN: B00946EZX4] which is the first book in the Princess Soraya Adventures series.

"A girl of noble birth falls in love with a strikingly handsome warrior, who is both angel and demon ...
Princess Soraya is the daughter of the sultan of Maracanda, a bustling city on the Silk Road, one of the most important trading routes of the Middle Ages. Her careless life is interrupted when she goes on an ill-fated journey with her father, and her life is saved by Edric.
As if being overwhelmed by all her new feelings for a boy trained to become a merciless killer isn't enough, Soraya soon finds out that the sultan's trusted alchemist is involved in the dangerous endeavors of a secret group of alchemists and jinn.
This confronts Soraya and Edric with a choice between giving in to their growing desire for each other or saving a splendid city from destruction." [Source]

As a regularly reader of the blog you know, that I normally do not read YA novels. So why do I post about this book?

The reason is quite simple. I'm a fan of the Varangian trilogy by Sabine Atkins - review of Varangian: The Stone of Babylon, review of Varangian: The Assassins of Teneo Mundus -  and I thought it would be a good idea to show you, that there are more stories starring Edric the Varangian.

AND TODAY - December 21, 2012 - YOU CAN GET Princess Soraya and The Secret Order of Maracanda  FOR FREE.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If you recommend it, then it must be good.

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