Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving - Free Books from Night Shade Books

Dear Readers,

as I do not know which blogs you follow let me tell you in a few words what fellow blogger Bryce L. posted over at Only The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy.

In Europe we do not celebrate Thanksgiving but this year  Night Shade Books offers a nice Thanksgiving gift.

You can get a free digital copy of following three books:

Of Blood and Honey by Stina Leicht which is the first book in the  The Fey and the Fallen series.
"Liam never knew who his father was. The town of Derry had always assumed that he was the bastard of a protestant — his mother never spoke of him, and Liam assumed he was dead. But when the war between the fallen and the fey began to heat up, Liam and his family are pulled into a conflict that they didn't know existed.

A centuries old conflict between supernatural forces seems to mirror the political divisions in 1970's era Ireland, and Liam is thrown headlong into both conflicts! Only the direct intervention of Liam's real father, and a secret catholic order dedicated to fighting "The Fallen" can save Liam... from the mundane and supernatural forces around him, and from the darkness that lurks within him." [Source]

The Emperor's Knife by Mazarkis Williams which is the first book in the Tower and Knife trilogy.
"There is a cancer at the heart of the mighty Cerani Empire: a plague that attacks young and old, rich and poor alike. Geometric patterns spread across the skin, until you die in agony, or become a Carrier, doing the bidding of an evil intelligence, the Pattern Master. Anyone showing the tell-tale marks is put to death; that is Emperor Beyon's law...but now the pattern is running over the Emperor's own arms. His body servants have been executed, he ignores his wives, but he is doomed, for soon the pattern will reach his face. While Beyon's agents scour the land for a cure, Sarmin, the Emperor's only surviving brother, awaits his bride, Mesema, a windreader from the northern plains. Unused to the Imperial Court's stifling protocols and deadly intrigues, Mesema has no one to turn to but an ageing imperial assassin, the Emperor's Knife. As long-planned conspiracies boil over into open violence, the invincible Pattern Master appears from the deep desert. Now only three people stand in his way: a lost prince, a world-weary killer, and a young girl from the steppes who saw a path in a pattern once, among the waving grasses — a path that just might save them all!" [Source

Agatha H and the Airship City by Phil and Kaja Foglio which is the first book in the Girl Genius novels series.
"Adventure! Romance! Mad Science!
The Industrial Revolution has escalated into all-out warfare. It has been eighteen years since the Heterodyne Boys, benevolent adventurers and inventors, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Today, Europe is ruled by the Sparks, dynasties of mad scientists ruling over—and terrorizing—the hapless population with their bizarre inventions and unchecked power, while the downtrodden dream of the Hetrodynes’ return.
At Transylvania Polygnostic University, a pretty, young student named Agatha Clay seems to have nothing but bad luck. Incapable of building anything that actually works, but dedicated to her studies, Agatha seems destined for a lackluster career as a minor lab assistant. But when the University is overthrown by the ruthless tyrant Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, Agatha finds herself a prisoner aboard his massive airship Castle Wulfenbach—and it begins to look like she might carry a spark of Mad Science after all.
From Phil and Kaja Foglio, creators of the Hugo, Eagle, and Eisner Award-nominated webcomic Girl Genius, comes Agatha H and the Airship City, a gaslamp fantasy filled to bursting with Adventure! Romance! and Mad Science!" [Source]


Email happythanksgiving[at]nightshadebooks[dot]com and you’ll receive an auto response from Night Shade Books with a username, password and link to our download site where you’ll be able to download the .epub or .mobi files of some of their most exciting and appropriately scrumptious titles: Agatha H and the Airship City by Phil and Kaja Foglio, Of Blood and Honey by Stina Leicht, and The Emperor's Knife by Mazarkis Williams. ("at" and "dot" added) [Source]


Laura Morrigan said...

Awesome! Thank you! :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for letting us know!

ediFanoB said...

Hello Laura,

thank you for stopping by. It is always good to get feedback.
Hope you like the books.

ediFanoB said...

Hi Alex,

it has been a pleasure to share the information.

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