Saturday, September 15, 2012

Edi's Weekend Wave issue #1237

 Hello and welcome to issue #1237 of Edi's Weekend Wave.
Another week gone. It ha been a mixed week. On the one hand I have been highly motivated to finish  at least two reviews. But I had to listen to my body which wanted more rest. And to be honest I do not have the skill to write with eyes closed. Anyway I'm happy that I could visit some blogs, leave a few messages and enjoy reading. Autumn is coming nearer and that means the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012 is coming nearer. The fair will be opened for public on October 13th and 14th. My wife and I will be there on October 13th. It is just a 30 minutes ride on the urban railway and the fair ticket includes free bidirectional ride.


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The Lighthouse

It seems I'm back to old reading habits which means o read several books parallel. I finished one book and read in sum 603 pages.

I finished

- All Timelines Lead To Rome (pb, digital, September 30th 2012)  by Dale Cozort
I read an eARC. Full review will be available on September 30th.


- 139 pages in Wake of the Bloody Angel (e-book, July 2012) [Amazon Kindle, ASIN: B0079XQAYG] by Alex Bledsoe
Eddie is excellent ....

-192 pages in Th Last City (e-book, July 2012) by Nina D' Aleo.
I received an eARC for reviewing purpose. I must say this is an unexpected good debut novel. There will be a review by end of September.
It seems I did not mention the book before on my blog. Therefore you get a cover and a blurb.
"An intoxicating blend of noir crime, science fiction and fantasy THE LAST CITY is BLADE RUNNER meets PERDIDO STREET STATION.
Scorpia – the last city of Aquais – where the Ar Antarians rule, the machine-breeds serve and in-between a multitude of races and species eke out an existence somewhere between the ever-blazing city lights and the endless darkness of the underside.
As a spate of murders and abductions grip the city, new recruit Silho Brabel is sent to the Oscuri Trackers, an elite military squad commanded by the notorious Copernicus Kane. But Silho has a terrible secret and must fight to hide her strange abilities and monstrous heritage.
As the team delve deeper into Scorpia’s underworld, they discover a nightmare truth.
Hunted by demons, the Trackers must band together with a condemned fugitive, a rogue wraith and a gangster king and stake their lives against an all-powerful enemy to try to save their world and one another."  [Source]

- 114 pages in The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
A long, long time ago I read a German edition. I has been no question for me that I wanted to read an English edition BEFORE December. Read further on and you will understand why I opened my digital copy .....

- 34 pages in King of Thorns (pb, 2012) [ISBN-13: 978-0007481897] by Mark Lawrence
Finally, finally I started it.

Enjoy your weekend ....


Dear readers, I'm the one to tell you about books - only books? What about novellas and other stuff? My name is Bona. I scour shelves, shops and the net for books. If you call me a book whore I would not gainsay you. But be aware I have my own, sometimes elusive taste.

Sometimes I change my mind and cancel orders for books which I ordered six months ago in advance because my desire to read the specific book disappeared.
That happened exactly last week. Which book I mean?  Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff.
I think this is nothing unusual. Instead I bought two books which I definitely want to read.

The first book is the third novel in the Bryant and May Mystery series which I fell in love with the first book. I could not withstand and bought Seventy-Seven Clocks Room (digital 2010) [Amazon Kindle ASIN: B003M5IL24] by Christopher Fowler
"The odd couple of detection—the brilliant but cranky detectives of London’s Peculiar Crimes Unit—return in a tense, atmospheric new thriller that keeps you guessing until the final page. This time Bryant and May are up against a series of bizarre murders that defy human understanding—and a killer no human hand may be able to stop.
A mysterious stranger in outlandish Edwardian garb defaces a painting in the National Gallery. Then a guest at the exclusive Savoy Hotel is fatally bitten by what appears to be a marshland snake. An outbreak of increasingly bizarre crimes has hit London—and, fittingly, come to the attention of the Peculiar Crimes Unit.
Art vandalism, an exploding suspect, pornography, rat poison, Gilbert and Sullivan musicals, secret societies…and not a single suspect in sight. The killer they’re chasing has a dark history, a habit of staying hidden, and time itself on his side. Detectives John May and Arthur Bryant may have finally met their match, and this time they’re really working against the clock...." [Source]

The second book has been on my list for a while and when I saw the limited time offer for 99 Cents (0.89 EUR) I clicked the buy button. Now I own a digital copy of another time travel related novel. I hope that I will not be disappointed by The Kronos Interference (e-book, June 2012) [Amazon Kindle, ASIN:  B008HJX4YA] by Edward Miller and J B Manas.
"How far would you go to save the world?
When physicist Jacob Newman is pulled from his family, his job, and his whole life to investigate a strange vessel discovered at the bottom of the South Pacific, he finds evidence of time travel, along with implications that a judgment day against mankind is imminent. But it isn’t until he cracks the time travel technology and uncovers a startling link to his own family history that he undertakes a dangerous mission back to 1924 to kill Adolf Hitler and undo a horrific episode of Earth’s violent past. The results are catastrophic, and soon he discovers much darker forces working against him—forces he must overcome if he hopes to save humanity and see his family again.
Written in the vein of the late Michael Crichton, James Rollins, and similar authors who inject high concept plots with little-known historical facts and a touch of cutting-edge science, The Kronos Interference offers international intrigue, fast-paced action, and plenty of twists and turns. The book received the coveted starred review from Kirkus Reviews, who called it "impressively original" and a "tour de force." [Source]

No more today, see you next week ......

Hey, I'm Bona Fide. I just came back from my last foray through the blogosphere. What can you expect from me? I tell you: Everything from Art to Fart as long as there is any faint connection to books. And here is some honey from the beehive blogosphere...

I read all PAX BRITANNIA books except the latest one so far. I like
Author Jonathan Green has been so kind as to deliver the reading order for all novels and short stories over at his blog. In case you are interested in have a look at Steampunk Thursday: Pax Britannia reading order
You don't know the PAX BRITANNIA series? Then I recommend to spend four and half minutes for the awesome introduction to the world of PAX BRITANNIA. I know the video is now nearly three years old but it is still worth to have a look at.

I am not separated from the rest of the world. I know that millions of people have to fight for survive. It is a shame to see what happens especially to children. I also admit that I do not want to be confronted with such kind of things while I'm reading. I read for relaxation, recreation and partly escape.
Anyway I appreciate it when author try to spread word about specific grievance in the world. The International Peace Day anually on September 21st is another opportunity to do  that. Author Edith Parzefall and her publisher decided to chose exactly this date for the release of Strays of Rio (pb, September 21st 2012) [ISBN-13: 978-1771271493] by Edith Parzefall.
"Lisa Kerry witnesses a private death squad attack street kids close to her bookstore. When the police take no action, she vows to purge Rio of the ruthless killers. To keep him out of the line of fire, she must quell her affection for the one man cut out to exorcise the demons of her past. Drawing strength and rage from the abuse she suffered as a young girl in a juvenile detention center, Lisa closes in on her marks.

Unable to get to the rich and powerful leader of the recreational killers, she enlists the older brother of one of her street urchin friends—a drug lord. Lisa's pursuit of justice spirals into a violent struggle to survive, for herself, her young charges, and the man she loves." [Source]
For more information about the author and her books please visit Edith Parezfall's Blog.
Author and friend of the blog Rosalie Skinner - living on the other side on the planet from my point of view as she lives in Australia and I live in Germany - spread the word in her post International Day of Peace and the release of Strays of Rio!
To be honest I do not know if I will read the book but at least I wanted to spread word about it. Nowadays it is not that easy to be recognised in the waterfall of new books.

I must admit that I do not know any ghost town in Germany. Whenever it comes to ghost towns I think of America in first place. Maybe I'm wrong. But Dark Roasted Blend delivers again an example. Read the story and look at the pictures about the rise and fall of Bordeaux in

Ghost Towns of the Pacific Northwest: Bordeaux, Washington

Again everyone who is interested in can be eye witness of The Birth of a Cover. Author Mark Lawrence has been so kind to share this event on his blog.

I like it when past and present comes together. Art is an excellent stage for that. I think you know what happened 1906 in San Francisco. The people over at  WebUrbanist show  an impressive project by photographer Shawn Clover:

San Francisco Past & Present: Blended Images from 1906 and 2012 

That's it for today. Come back next week for more ......

Hey, it's me Fide. I'm a remote control professional. I'm that fast that I can watch two movies at the same time.
But don't worry. All the stuff I present to you will be shown at normal speed.

After several posts without real movie trailers I return today with two trailers and something special. Here we go:

I like heroes using bows and crossbows. That may explain my pleasure when I watched the following trailer:

ARROW is a TV show based on the DC Comic character Green Arrow. Please mark the word based clearly says that this is not 100% Green Arrow.
Anyway I would like to see some episodes to build up my mind. But I do not know if the series will ever be aired on German TV.

Does the name Tim Burton ring a bell? I like a lot of his movies and next month the wonderful Frankenwheenie will hit the cinemas. For me it is a must see!

 A day marked bold in my calendar. I'm sure I will get no tickets for this day but on that day The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Der Hobbit: Eine Unerwatete Reise will hit the cinemas in Germany. I can't wait to see the movie. Yesterday I watched all eight production videos in a row - 90 minutes !! I did not regret. It was amazing.
Did you see these videos? Do you follow The Hobbit blog? Do you know Planet Tolkien?

Would you like to return to Middle Earth and have a look at the actors, landscape and of cours a look behind the scenes then watch the production videos.
Attention! The first video contains the production videos one to six and lasts one hour.
The Hobbit - Full Production Video Blogs 1-6

Production Video #7

Production Video #8

As far as I understood Peter Jackson there will be at least one more video about the post production ......


That's all for today. See you next time....


I 'm the Keeper of the minutes. But I don't mind when you call me Kotm. No, no. I don't explain to you how to pronounce.

The beginning of something great .........

"I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure.
J. R. R. Tolkien (1892 - 1973),The Hobbit


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The production films together make a full movie!
I need to reread The Hobbit again before the movie. After I finish this round of major edits and rewrites and send my manuscript to my critique partners of course.
Really like the look of the Pax Britannia series.

Rosalie Skinner said...

I must re read the Hobbit too. Back in the day... far far back in time, we studied the Hobbit in school! I blame those days for creating my obsession with the Fantasy genre.

Thanks for spreading the word about Strays of Rio!


Hope you're feeling better and thanks for a wonderful post.

Also thanks for your comment.

Zoltán Gecse said...

I think I won't reread The Hobbit. I have many reasons, but the strongest is the tale didn't meet my expectations. It wasn't bad nor good.
I have the extended version of the book. Extended because this is consist of the notes of Tolkien, and minor modifications of him. The paralel read slightly ruined the entertainment factor of The Hobbit to me.

ediFanoB said...

I understand that editing of your book comes first.

For me it is the first time that I read The Hobbit in English. Of course it is different to LotR but I really like it. I hope to learn them names of all dwarves by heart before the movie hits the cinemas. By the way Peter Jackson announced that there will be a new Hobbit trailer on September 19th !!!

Pax Britannia is really entertaining.

ediFanoB said...

Dear Rosalie,
I have a lot of fun reading The Hobbit for the first time in English.

I found it worth to spread word about your Post and Edith's book.

ediFanoB said...

Dear Yvonne,

thank you very much. I feel better day by day.

Thank you for stopping by.

ediFanoB said...

Hi Zoltan,

I never read The Hobbit in English. I must say I could not withstand to read The Hobbit after watchung the production videos.
I understand the reasons why you do not want to reread the book.
Will you see the movies in cinema?

Zoltán Gecse said...

I never read in English too, just Hungarian. But on my copy of the book they tell about the minor mistakes of the translation too. One of the most annoying part of the explanations were when Tolkien modified one or two words in a sentence, while he left some unlogical things in the story.

But, BUT I have very strong urge to watch the movies in cinema! I love the environment created by Peter Jackson, the great landscapes and melodious soundtrack of the LOTR films.

ediFanoB said...


then we both look forward to enjoy the movies.
By the way there will be a new The Hobbit trailer available by Setember 19th.

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