Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Red Leaves and the Living Token Blog Tour 2012

Dear Readers,

I did it again. I will be part of a blog tour which starts today:

Of course it is all about a book:

Red Leaves and the Living Token  
(digital,pb, 2012) [ISBN13: 978-0615618524
 "Doctors tell Raj that his son Emret won’t survive his illness. As Raj struggles to prepare himself and Emret for the inevitable, he’s confronted by Moslin, his son’s nurse, who’s been filling Emret’s head with fairytales about heroic quests and powerful disease curing miracles. Emret now thinks that all he has to do is find the mythical Red Tree from the nurse’s stories, and he’ll live.
In an attempt to protect his son from further emotional damage, Raj asks Moslin to stay away from Emret. He returns hours later to find them both missing.
Now, he has to dig into the loathed fairytales to figure out where they may have gone. He’d also like to know why he keeps having visions of a temple on a mountain with a vat of glowing weapons, a vaporous black creature emerging from a lightning storm, himself in glowing armor leading an army, and the same mythical Red Tree hidden in a dense forest." [Source]
 The blog tour will stop at Edi's Book Lighthouse on 6th August 2012. My contribution to the blog tour will be a review of Red Leaves and the Living Token.

Red Leaves and the Living Token is the first of so far six planned Red Leaves Novels.

For more information about the books please visit Benjamin David Burrell's website.

And of course visit the above mentioned blog tour stops.



Rosalie Skinner said...

Looks Good. Will drop in as the blog progresses.

ediFanoB said...


should you ever think about a blog tour, I would like to be part of it.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

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