Thursday, July 19, 2012

Edi's Giveaway: Land of Hope and Glory by Geoffrey Wilson

Dear readers,

on Tuesday I presented you my review of the alternate history debut novel Land of Hope and Glory (pb, 2012)[ISBN-13: 978-1444721126] by Geoffrey Williams.

I wrote:

On Wednesday Geoffrey Williams has been so kind to answer a few questions about his work.

And today

is giveaway time!

The Price
Geoffrey Williams has been so kind as to offer
TWO copies of the first book
in his Land of Hope and Glory series
Land of Hope and Glory (pb, 2012)
[ISBN-13: 978-1444721126


- This giveaway is opened world wide

- This giveaway ends on Thursday, August  2, 2012

- I will use to draw the winners who will be announced on Friday, August 3, 2012 on Edi's Book Lighthouse.

- To take part is simple.
Just leave a comment in the comment section of this post and tell me which book(s) you want to read this summer.
Please keep in mind that I need a valid mail address in order get in contact with you.



Zoltán Gecse said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

First, I want to finish the The third section by Jasper Kent and a first book of Omnibus of Sherlock Holmes stories (Hungarian release).

Then I'd like to start (and hopefully finish this summer) the Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey or The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King.

But it can happens I choose something else, a shorter story or an anthology.

hierath said...

Thanks for the giveaway! This summer I'm looking forward to J.G Ballard's autobiography, "Miracles of Life", and "The Time Ships" by Stephen Baxter, because it's one of those books I know I should have read, and this year I intend to get round to it!
Best Wishes,

gea harovansi said...

Thanks for the giveaway, this summer i want to finish Pandemonium by lauren oliver
my email :

Nick said...

Enjoyed your review by the way. My main summer read is going to be Warlord, the fourth in the excellent Robin Hood series by Angus Donald....

rubydog said...

First on my list - 'Throne of the Moon' by Saladin Ahmed

rubydog said...

First on my list - 'Throne of the Moon' by Saladin Ahmed

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Edi,
Well, I am hoping to complete reading any novel that I don't have to edit. :) Holiday is coming up and I hope to have my Kindle loaded and not need to edit for a whole week. :)
I am very tempted to add Land of Hope and Glory to my take away list. If I can just stop humming the tune each time I read the title. hehe. :)

Stuart B said...

I would like to get through the Stephen King Dark Tower Series

Rach said...

Read some more janet evanovich books

Todd Adams said...

Currently I'm working through "The Demon Haunted World". After that, I have no idea what will be next!

kjcurly said...

I probably pick up a couple Kindle books a my list is huge! Picked up a copy of Clockwork Blue by Gloria Harchar, HardScape by Justin Scott and Seeking a Scribe by Marsha A Moore.
email is kjcurly at

Zachary said...

Thanks so much for this giveaway. I've been wanting to read this book so badly since I've been seeing it reviewed in all sorts of fantasy blogs.

I'm about halfway through Daniel Abraham's The Dragon's Path. This is the first book I've read by him, and I have the feeling I'll be spending the rest of the summer catching up on his other books. I also plan on checking out Carlos Ruiz-Zafon's new book.

Oathsworn said...

Hi Edi,

here my list of books I want to read in summer (have to see how far I will come):

Evil Dark - Justin Gustanis (allready started)
Asylon - Thomas Elbel
Conquest - Stewart Binns
Death of Kings - Bernard Cornwell
Funeral Games - Christian Cameron
Lord of the Silver Bow - David Gemmell
No Quarter - Broos Campbell
Soldier of Fortune - Edward Marston
The Caspian Gates - Harry Sidebottom
Thirteen Years later - Jasper Kent
Quarantined - Joe McKinney

I know it's quite a lot...but with 4 weeks of free time...maybe I will get through...

all the best


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