Friday, April 13, 2012

Edi's Movie Impression: Iron Sky

Dear Readers,

you know I post often film trailers but I normally do not write about the movies I watched in cinema because I find it more difficult than to write about books. As always in life never say never. Today I share with you my impressions of a movie which I saw together with my wife on April 11th 2012.

It is a Finnish-German-Australian movie and there are still negotiations in progress about the rights for US market.

I posted several trailers in the past two years. I talk about

On Wednesday evening (two days ago) my wife and I went to cinema and watched IRON SKY. I told my wife before that she should not expect an Oscar candidate.

In 1945 the Nazis left Earth and built a swastika shaped base on the dark side of the moon. STOP! What?? The dark side of the moon??

Come on, it should be general knowledge that the dark side of the moon does not exist!! Of course we can only see one side of the Moon. When you want to talk about the backside of the moon then you should use the far side of the Moon.
But come on, the dark side of the moon is much more mysterious than the far side of the moon.

Let me return to the movie. Time jump ..... 2018. An American discovers the Nazis on the moon.

See with me the first four and a half minutes. It is important that you that before I continue.

These four and a half minutes set the level of expectation.
Snippets and pictures flashed up in my mind - Apollo 11, sf movies from the fifties, star wars, propaganda, Sarah Palin, The Third Man - coalesque to a strange blend of comedy, ruthlessness and collision of past and present.
What a mix. It seemed to get an enjoyable evening. And then it happened. Instead of continue with the strange blend, a wild and sometimes uneven plane ride with vent holes and gusts began. Good scenes wer followed by flat ones. Good ideas suffered from execution. the larger than life presentation of the Nazis failed sometimes. And jokes popped up out of nowhere. All the CGI scenes were awesome. Nearly unbelievable what they did with the low budget for this kind of movie. The adaption of Nazi Propaganda by the Amercian president showed the sensivity of following certain political currents also in nowadays US. Up to date is the presentation of the UN and the unscrupulousness when it comes to raw material for the future. Once a while you will laugh and a few times more you will smile.

It is not a bad movie but there are scenes which show how good the movie could have been.

The soundtrack has been created by the Slovenian band Laibach. There is a wide range of songs which is partly unexpected.
And this is my favorite Iron Sky song:

All in all I liked the movie more than my wive did. She said to me that this is a movie for boys. I must admit that the majority of visitors have been men between 18 and 30.

So if you like science fiction with comedy and parody, which is sometimes not strong enough to present the Nazis larger than life, if you have a faible for good CGI scenes and you think megalomania and egocentricity are the perfect deadly brothers for the end of dictatorship then you should go to see IRON SKY.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

A movie for boys - means I'll at least enjoy it!
Just saw The Cabin in the Woods. The twist is wild. Definitely not revealed in the movie trailer either. And I enjoyed it more than my wife. Must be another movie for boys.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, when I went to watch it, most of the watchers were girls. Huh. A couple even had swastika armbands ^^

Old Kitty said...

I like the take on "Houston - we have a problem!" And I must admit to getting very scared with the music on the second clip but liked the intro music in the first clip!!

Sounds like a fun movie - a mish mash of genres, alternate history and sci-fi, comedy and I like that it's not Hollywood! Yay! Take care

ediFanoB said...


I hope you will get the opportunity to watch Iron Sky. I'm most interested in you opinion about it.

The Cabin in the Woods will hit cinemas in Germany in June 2012.
Will tell my wife about this movie for boys...

ediFanoB said...

@Old Kitty,

my wife loves the Apollo 13 movie.
I understand your reaction regarding the second movie clip.
There is a lot off different music in the film.

And true it is no Holloywood movie.

Take care

RaveAir said...

This is a film I'd really like to watch. I know it's not an AAA-category film, but it doesn't matter. As you say it is a movie for boys...

Unfortunately I have a bad feeling about the Hungarian movie premier of this film. I think the Hungarian distributor won't be brave enought to play this movie on cinemas, which means I'll have watch this movie from DVD.

Arlee Bird said...

I'm up for this one. I'm so into 50s sci-fi and this sounds like a pretty quirky story. If there's action my wife will probably enjoy it to. We both like movies about Nazis--and please don't take that the wrong way, it's just a fascinating story from a weird era. Nazis escaped to the Moon? Awesome and wacky enough for me.

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ediFanoB said...


please let me know if the film will be shown in Hungarian cinemas or not.

ediFanoB said...

@Arlee Bird,

based on your comment I would say you and your wife (there is some action in the film) will enjoy the movie.

Don't worry neither you nor me like the Nazis.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I can return to your blog within next week.

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