Saturday, February 04, 2012

In lieu of Edi's Weekend Wave #1205

Dear Readers,

two very different weeks lie behind me. But both have had the same impact on my blog. It will definitely take some time to return to normal "business".
Let me start on Monday, January 23rd. As always before a business trip it was a busy day like the following Tuesday. Despite the long working days I used both evenings to polish my first bilingual review.
On Wednesday, January 25th I left home at 5:15 am and returned on Sunday, January 29th at 5 pm.
In between I have had a busy and intense meeting in Rome (Italy). It was great to meet all my colleagues again after more than one year. I do not want to bother you with details. A few sentences should give you an impression.
I read - but only on board the planes.
From Wednesday to Friday we held our meeting during the day and spent the evenings with long walks through Rome (including dinner). When reached hotel around midnight I fell asleep instantly.
The meeting ended on Friday but most of us stayed two days longer. On Saturday we discovered Rome on foot. The weather was awesome. Pure sunshine and fifteen degrees Celsius (January means winter in Europe). After more than eight hours full of new impressions we returned to hotel. I slept like a stone. On Sunday I left Rome, tired and exhausted but with dozen of new impressions and with a better understanding of my colleagues.
Monday and Tuesday last week (January 30 and 31) I spent again more hours at work as expected. But that is not unusual after a business trip. My wife was not that amused when I fell asleep quite early. And as you may assume I did not read a single page.
On Wednesday morning I did not feel well (cold, tired, coughing). As soon as possible I left work.
At home I took my temperature .... fever! I went straight into my bed where I spent the following days until today (Saturday). I did nearly nothing beside drinking tea and sleeping.
Today I feel better but I know I still have to take care and don't overdo it.

I hope, you now understand why this is not the expected Weekend Wave and why I have to postpone the Bookbookistan News February 2012. And I do not need to tell you how my mail account and my Google Reader look like .....

Most important for me is to get well soon and that my two projects (end of February and beginning of May) are not in danger.

I will be back with news and reviews as soon as possible. Until then I say bye for now with following quote:

"[Sleep is] the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.
Thomas Dekker, English dramatist (1572 - 1632)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Your health is far more important!
However, I'm sure you'd say it was worth it to spend so much time roaming around Rome.

ediFanoB said...

Thank you Alex!

Rome is an impressive town. You breathe history. I still remember when I stood in front of the Colosseum and thought how did they build it nearly 2000 years ago.

alberridge said...

This is a lovely post, but you really should not be doing it when you are unwell. Please listen to Thomas Dekker and REST!
Rome is possibly the most inspiring place in the world for anyone with a love of the past, but man cannot live by history alone.

We'll all be here waiting for you when you're better.
Gesundheit until then!

Mark Noce said...

Sounds like life's gotten pretty busy for you. Stay strong! Neat blog:)

ediFanoB said...

Dear Louise,

of course I know you are right. But you also know that men are not always rational when it comes to health. My wife told me the same.

Fortunately it is getting better from day to day.

Thanks for the kind words.

ediFanoB said...

Hello Mark Noce,

thanks for stopping by.
I will come back with interesting stuff as soon as possible.

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