Monday, January 23, 2012

Short Story Giveaway Winner 2012

Dear Readers,

today is the day to draw and announce the winners of the Stephen Zimmer and Seventh Star Press giveaway.


I reviewed five of the eight stories last week. So you got an impression what to expect.

Before we continue I want to thank you everyone who took part. Don't be sad in case you do not belong to the winners. Let me remind you that you can buy each story for unbelievable 99 cents (USD) [ or 89 cents (EUR)]. If you are interested in the follow this link: (where to buy)

Every valid mail got a number. Then I used the True Random Number Generator over at Random.Org for the drawing.


Ria Bridges


Rosalie Skinner

Congratulations !! As soon as the post is online, I will forward your names to Stephen Zimmer who will take care the you receive your price.

Before I close this post let me say thank you to Stephen Zimmer and Seventh Star Press for the giveaway and a special thank you to for the interview. It was a pleasure to post a whole week about fascinating stories.

The year is still young. But I promise there will be more interviews and giveaways within 2012.



Bibliotropic said...

Holy crap, I can't say I expected to win something this awesome! I can't wait to sink my literary teeth into those books!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations to the winners!

sgzimmer said...

Thank you again Edi, and to everyone that participated! Bibliotropic, we have taken care of the Kindle files being sent, so they should be waiting for you. Please drop me a note and let me know what you think of them (I have 4 of the 8 in the package)!

They really are unique short stories with how they fit into the writers' existing worlds.

RaveAir said...

Wow! Thank you Stephen, thank you Edi!

Today received a black case and a LED light to my Kindle 4 device. And now... This is fantastic!

I get many-many birthday gifts before the weekend. So I'm so happy!

ediFanoB said...


I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I did. Maybe they are the appetizer for more books by the authors.


ediFanoB said...

Hi Alex,

that was my highlight in January. And I'm sure you will know what will be my highlight in February!

You did not win today but you will win next month.

We will boost CassaFirE to whatever the book deserves.

ediFanoB said...

Dear Stephen,

it was a great pleasure to have you on the blog. I was so happy to keep my promise regarding the interview.

These short stories are an excellent idea.
I can't wait to read more of them.

I'm sure that was not the last time we did something together.
The next Fires in Eden book is not that far away .....

ediFanoB said...


what a start of the week for you.
The good thing with digital copies is that they can't get lost on the way to you.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Congratulations to the winners,


Shallee said...

Congrats to the winners! I'll have to check out the links since I missed the giveaway. Glad to have found your blog!

ediFanoB said...


thank you for your kind words.

ediFanoB said...

Hello Shallee,

welcome to my blog.In return I visited your blog.

There are many giveaways and it is easily to miss them.

I live in Germany and therefore I mostly look for worldwide giveaways.

Have a good time.

Kimberly said...

Congrats to the winners!

Rosalie Skinner said...

Thank you to Stephen and Edi, I am late in responding but have been immersed in reading on my Kindle.. hence, the computer has been neglected.
:) Thanks...

ediFanoB said...

Hi Rosalie,

don't worry! Your comments are always welcomed. is there any better excuse than reading ;-)

I hope you will enjoy the stories...

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