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Edi's Weekend Wave #1201

Hello and welcome to issue #1201 of Edi's Weekend Wave.
The first week of January passed and it is time for the first issue of the Weekend Wave in 2012.
I hope all of you have had a good start into 2012. I have been busy at all fronts - work, dentist, blog, reading, playing ... of course I slept a bit. This is an exciting weekend for me and also for edifanossa. Don't forget to come back on Sunday, January 8th 2012.


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The Lighthouse

Dear readers,

I will continue to post about my reading progress. January 1st 2012 was a Sunday. Therefore this year my reading week goes from Sunday to Saturday.

Before we talk about reading progress I would like to tell you which books I will read in January beside The Wise Man's Fear which I started in 2011.

- Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon (November 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-1616145354] by Mark Hodder

- Hearts of Smoke and Steam (327 p., November 2011)[ISBN-13: 978-1616143756] by Andrew P. Mayer

- The Burning Sky (ecopy, 2011) [Kindle ASIN: B004MDLL9K] by Joseph Robert Lewis

- Songs of the Dying Earth (2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0765320865] edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois.

- And finally there are several short stories on my list. The titles will be revealed on Sunday, January 15th.

I still have not decided yet which books I will take with me on my business trip to Italy. Anyway I tend to take our Sony Reader with me. I have some great stuff on it.

It seems January will be reading wise a steampunk month. Three of my five current reads are steampunk related. Last week I read in sum 821 pages which is more than I expected. I finished one book and five short stories.


- 401 pages in The Wise Man's Fear (994 pages, trade paperback, UK 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0575081420] by Patrick Rothfuss
I thought about how I will continue reading this book and I think I found a good solution. Depending on the length I read two to four chapters very morning before I go to work. The advantage is that I leave the house in a good mood.

- 65 pages in Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon (November 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-1616145354] by Mark Hodder
What shall I say about this book?
This definitely a candidate for my top read of 2012. The previous book - The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man (my review) - made to the second place in 2011.
I hope Mark Hodder will continue the Burton & Swinburne series.

- 52 pages in Hearts of Smoke and Steam (327 p., November 2011)[ISBN-13: 978-1616143756] by Andrew P. Mayer
I read and reviewed The Falling Machine which is the first part of The Society of Steam duology. I loved the first book a lot and it seems the second book continues on the high level of book one.

- 117 pages in Songs of the Dying Earth (2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0765320865] edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois.
I expected a lot after reading the three part review (one two three) by fellow blogger Bryce L.
I read the first four stories
- The True Vintage of Erzuine Thale by Robert Silverberg
- Grolion of Almery by Matthew Hughes
- The Copy Door by Terry Dowling
- Caulk the With-Chaser by Liz Williams

Maybe I expected too much because I could not get in one of these stories. For me it was like sitting under water looking at and listening to what happens on the surface on the water. I hope it will not continue with the 20 remaining stories ...

- 215 pages in The Burning Sky (ecopy, 2011) [Kindle ASIN: B004MDLL9K] by Joseph Robert Lewis
This another great steampunk novel. It is great to see how many good books are available which are not published by a publisher.

I finished

- Gabriel's Redemption by Steve Umstead (available in paperback [ISBN-13: 978-0765329561] and also for all major e-reader platforms).
I wrote on GOODREADS:
"This is the first book I read in 2012.
Set in a not to far away future, Steve Umstead delivers a believable story centered on Evan Gabriel, an dishonored special forces commander. I liked that the story is embedded into a greater time line.
I gave four stars because there have been parts in the book which have been too technical for me.
A full review is in progress. "

- all five short stories I wanted to read.

I think one book and five short stories is not that bad for the first week in 2012.

Attention! Attention!
There will be something special on this blog
from Sunday, January 15th to Friday, January 20th.

I can't tell you details at the moment but it will be something new for me.
And the good thing is that there will be something you can .......
So don't forget to come back on Sunday, January 15th and the consecutive days.

Enjoy your weekend ....


Dear readers, I'm the one to tell you about books - only books? What about novellas and other stuff? My name is Bona. I scour shelves, shops and the net for books. If you call me a book whore I would not gainsay you. But be aware I have my own, sometimes elusive taste.

eBooks are definitely infernal stuff. I need to learn NOT to buy every book which might be interesting. But how can you resist books which are sold for less than one Euro!!

Thanks to RaveAir who is "guilty" that I now own a digital copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes & Tales of Terror and Mystery by Arthur Conan Doyle [a Conan Doyle Estate, Ltd. authorized Kindle eBook edition].

As I posted on Monday, that I never read a Sherlock Holmes story so far. That will change ....
I would like to know how many people who like the Sherlock Holmes movies starring Robert Downey Jr have ever read on of the original stories.

When we talk about detectives we should forget the famous Jane Marple which appeared in twelve Agatha Christie crime novels. I never read one of them. But I love Murder, She said, Murder at the Gallop, Murder Most Foul and Murder Ahoy! starring the unforgettable Margaret Rutherford as Miss Jane Marple.

But that was not the only eBook I bought this week. The year is still young and I must say it is a great week regarding books. I'm reading a candidate for my top read of 2012 and I'm glad that I follow a blog which is one of my reliable sources when it comes up to what I call book gems. What do I mean by this? For me this are books where fall immediately in love with and which I normally do not find on other blogs I follow. I talk about the excellent, distinguished and well informed FALCATA TIMES. It is time to send a big thank you to Dros Delnoch and Lady Eleanor for their fantastic work. And there is one more reason for me to say thank you. I found my first gem in 2012 over at Falcata Times. It was this post which led me to the wonderful books of A. L. Berridge. Don't ask my why in detail why I could not resist to buy a copy of the book a few hours after I read following two posts over at Falcata Times.

This post contains a lot of information. It is one these incredible stories. Just let me quote two sentences:
"Soon after the UK deal, I got my first foreign sales; to date the rights have been bought by nine overseas publishers, including Orbit in the United States. That’s something I’m particularly pleased with, because Orbit specialises in Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and Hawk Quest will be their first historical novel."

It is neither epic fantasy nor steampunk nor space opera nor crime/mystery thriller. It is historical fiction! It seems I like these kind of books more and more.

The whole time I talk about Hawk Quest (2012, print and digital) by Robert Lyndon.
"In this sweeping epic set in the aftermath of the Norman Conquest, a rogue French knight named Vallon accepts a dangerous commission: he must travel to the ends of Europe in search of four rare gyrfalcons demanded as ransom for a Norman knight held captive by Seljuk Turks in Anatolia. Accompanied by a young English falconer and a Sicilian scholar, Vallon sets out on a quest that takes him from Iceland to Greenland to Russia and south to Byzantium. On the nine-month journey the company is joined by other adventurers. Together they brave raging seas, icy arctic wastes, treacherous rapids. They fight furious battles against Normans, Vikings and steppe nomads, pit their wits against warlords desperate to steal their precious cargo. And these are not the only perils they face, for among their company is a man who will stop at nothing to prevent them from fulfilling their quest.

At more than 200,000 words, Hawk Quest is one of the most vast, utterly thrilling historical adventures ever written." [Source]
And finally read

Maybe you now have an idea why I needed to buy the book ... I will definitely read it as soon as I have finished one of my current reads.
In case you did not read the guest post by author Robert Lyndon, let me tell you, that he now is working on a sequel ....

Last year I won a copy of The Vampire Empire: The Rift Walker (2011) [ISBN-13: 978-1616145231] by Clay and Susan Griffith. It took a long, long, long time until the book arrived last week. Anyway I'm happy that I received the copy and that it has not been lost like some other books.
"Princess Adele struggles with a life of marriage and obligation as her Equatorian Empire and their American Republic allies stand on the brink of war against the vampire clans of the north. However, the alliance's horrific strategy for total victory drives Adele to abandon her duty and embark on a desperate quest to keep her nation from staining its hands with genocide. Reunited with her great love, the mysterious adventurer known to the world as the Greyfriar, Adele is pursued by her own people as well as her vengeful husband, senator Clark. With the human alliance in disarrray, Prince Cesare, lord of the British vampire clan, seizes the initiative and strikes at the very heart of Equatoria.
As Adele labors to bring order to her world, she learns more about the strange powers she exhibited in the north. Her teacher, Mamoru, leads a secret cabal of geomancers who believe Adele is the one who can touch the vast power of the Earth that surges through ley lines and wells up at the rifts where the lines meet. These energies are the key to defeating the enemy of mankind, and if Princess Adele could ever bring this power under her command, she could be death to vampires. But such a victory will also cost the life of Adele's beloved Greyfriar." [Source]
It is funny. I also won the first book in the series - The Vampire Empire: The Greyfriar (2010) [ISBN-13: 978-1616142476] (my review) - at a giveaway ....

Post-apocalyptic fantasy - how does this sound for you? As far as I remember I did not read any post-apocalyptic fantasy so far. I also do not have a real clue what kind of stories I can expect. But I would like to know. Therefore I read following Seventh Star Press announcement with great pleasure:

"Seventh Star Press Announces Call For Submissions For New Fantasy Anthology

Seventh Star Press is proud to announce a call for submissions for an exciting new anthology to be edited by Joshua Leet, entitled The End Was Not the End: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Tales.

The stories can be up to 10,000 words in length, and must be set within a setting ranging between ancient worlds, like the Sword and Sorcery Hyborean Age of Robert E. Howard, to medieval settings like those found in many epic fantasy series. Timed appropriately for 2012, the anthology will focus on the aftermath of an apocalypse.

The stories can have any style or feature any Earth culture-inspired background, such as the more commonly encountered european-based knights and wizards, to Viking sagas, Russian folklore, Chinese wuxia, Japanese samurai, and Native American environments, just to name a few. The apocalypse itself can be whatever suits the writer, be it magical catastrophe, plague, monster horde, the death of gods, etc. It can include modern catastrophes that precipitated regression in technological level to a medieval or ancient world type level. The stories should have a serious overall tone, and can range from action-driven to tales with a darker edge.

The concept for the anthology was first pitched by Seventh Star Press author Stephen Zimmer, who writes the Fires in Eden series (epic fantasy) and the Rising Dawn Saga (epic-scale urban fantasy). Joshua Leet expressed a desire to serve as the editor of Seventh Star Press' first anthology project, and worked with Stephen to solidfy the project concept. The project represents Stephen's first as a commissioning editor.

Joshua is currently serving as the editor for Sela, the forthcoming second book in the Leland Dragon Series by Jackie Gamber, as well as the newest Gorias La Gaul adventure from Steven Shrewsbury, titled Overkill. Joshua is not only an editor, but is also an author, whose credits include the recently released historical work Civil War Lexington, Kentucky: Bluegrass Breeding Ground of Power, co-authored with Karen Leet, as well as business projects such as two volumes he co-authored in the Compliance and Ethics field. Joshua's love for the fantasy genre and range of technical literary expertise promises to bring forth a debut anthology of outstanding quality for Seventh Star Press.

Submissions must be in by midnight on July 1, 2012. Provide a cover letter, and use standard manuscript format. RTF or Word Documents preferred for the file format. Communications and submissions should be directed to Joshua by email, using the address Joshua (at)

The agreement on accepted stories will be for first print and digital rights, with exclusivity for one year from date of publication. After this time, authors are free to re-sell their stories in other markets. The stories need to be original works, and no previously published characters or properties will be accepted.

The anthology is planned for release in eBook, limited hardcover, and softcover formats in the 4th quarter of 2012. A royalty pool will be generated on print and eBook sales, at a rate of 10% royalties for print, and a rate of 50% royalties for eBooks, with each included story having an equal share of the royalty pool. Royalty statements and payments will be made biannually. All included authors will receive a complimentary trade paperback copy of the anthology.

Updates and additional information can be obtained at the official site for Seventh Star Press, at "

I know the year has just begun and fourth quarter is far, far away. But for people like me it is good to know what to expect within the whole year.

No more today, see you next week ......


Hey, I'm Bona Fide. I just came back from my last foray through the blogosphere. What can you expect from me? I tell you: Everything from Art to Fart as long as there is any faint connection to books. And here is some honey from the beehive blogosphere...

As I wrote some time ago, my wife and I share a SONY PRS-T1 Reader and it works well maybe too well because it seems we have been infected with the eBook buy fever. But that is not the reason why I want to talk about eReader and eBooks. Wouldn't it be interesting to know how you could make your own eBooks for different eReaders? You do not need it? Wouldn't it be great to surprise your friends with your own electronic private cook and bake book? It is easier as you may think. If you would like to do that, then I highly recommend to read

I'm sure every author is thinking about how to write a great novel. The genre does not matter.
Anyway I like to read when an author writes about this topic because you get a lot of interesting information about the author, their opinions, their books, ..... So I was happy when I found following post because I love to read steampunk.

And I must say Joseph Robert Lewis knows how to write a great steampunk novel after I read 215 pages of his book The Burning Sky.

I still love giveaways, even I did not receive all the books I won in 2011. And whenever I find one which could be interesting for you I post about it. And today I can show you two. The first one is open worldwide and the second one for US residents only.

Bookworm Blues is celebrating 100,000 hits with the giveaway of an awesome book which I read recently.


HOW TO TAKE PART (copied from the originslpost)
"The giveaway will end on Friday, January 13th and is open worldwide. To enter, send me an email (bookwormblues (at) live (dot) com) with the subject line THEFT OF SWORDS. I'll randomly choose a winner on the morning of Saturday, January 14th."

Congratulations B and thanks for a great giveaway!

In case you are an US resident I would like to send you on a short travel. There was following text
"And if you have a second, scroll to the bottom of my blog - I completely forgot my publisher was doing this! "
inside this post. You want to know what it means? It is the description how you find the entrance to a special giveaway. Which book? I did and "early" review in December.

In case you would like to find the entrance to a giveaway for US residents only then CLICK HERE and then scroll down to the bottom of the page. Good Luck!

A new year means also the return of Award voting. In the past years I voted for The David Gemmell Legend Award. So far none of the books I voted for won. But that will not hinder me to vote again. What's about you? You do not neither to pay nor to subscribe in order to vote. The only price you have to pay is a click on the following links and more click for your favorite cover, debut and novel.

I voted for Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

I read only two of all the nominated books. Finally I voted for Dragon's Path by Daniel Abraham
I did not read most of the nominated books. In sum I read two books from the list. Regarding my 2011 top 15 reads I finally voted for A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin

It was impossible for me to keep the following link secret. You know my admiration for Dark Roasted Blend. You will definitely miss something when you do not have a look at

I nearly forgot to finish this post because I was nearly impossible to avert my gaze from the amazing and gorgeous pictures. Don't miss it.

That's it for today. Come back next week for more ......


Hey, it's me Fide. I'm a remote control professional. I'm that fast that I can watch two movies at the same time.
But don't worry. All the stuff I present to you will be shown at normal speed.

Today I show no trailers. Instead you get something about electricity. I found this gem over at The Genre Files. I don't know if you follow this blog. Anyway I thought the following video is worth to find its way to many many people. Enjoy Electroshock

By Hugo Jackson, Pascal Chandelier, Valentin Michel, Bastien Morteleque and Elliot Maren of Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques.

That's all for today. See you next time....


I 'm the Keeper of the minutes. But I don't mind when you call me Kotm. No, no. I don't explain to you how to pronounce.

From time to time I find true words from politicians. I know they are getting rarer. Even the following one is from a man who died in 1965 but who is not forgotten.

"I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.
Sir Winston Churchill, British politician (1874 - 1965)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well, now I'm all excited for the big announcement! I'll go take a look at those space photos. I have an iPad app called Star Walk that features a daily photo and it's always amazing.

Mark Lawrence said...

Great wave as usual!

Those space photos are fantastic :o

Very many thanks for the Morningstar vote!

ediFanoB said...


as you know there will be a highlight on my blog end of February :-)

And I'm glad that I have also a highlight in January. I will do something new for the first time combined with some more thing. Can't tell you more ...

And the space photos invite to dream.

ediFanoB said...


thank you! I knew what I wanted to share the link.

And Prince of Thorns deserved my vote!

RaveAir said...

Am I guilty? :D (Maybe it is time to update my profile page...)

I'm a little bit sad as I read your feelings about the book of "Songs of the dying Earth". I have high expectations about this book.

It was a very great and long post!And thank you for the giveaway link... ;)

ediFanoB said...


I'm sure you understood what I meant with being "guilty"

I hope you read the Song of Dying Earth reviews which I mentioned.

Please keep in mind that I didn't say that the stories have been worse.
It was the problem that I could not get into the stories. So do not worry and please read it. I'm highly interested in your opinion.

RaveAir said...


Yes, I know the meaning of 'guilty'. As you see I left an widesmile emoticon at the end of the sentence. ':D'

I think you have another taste than Bryce L. Or maybe your problem is the length of the stories. Sometimes more 100 pages aren't enought to love the characters or all the enviroment of it. In the case of short stories a writter has to find the most important key elements or the very essence of his thought. And it is a very hard task.

ediFanoB said...


I admit that I have problems with short stories from time to time. And concerning the taste it is true that there are books which only one of us like.

Anyway I will definitely read the remaining 20 stories and I still expect that there will be stories I will like.

Bryce L. said...

Sorry, hope Songs of the Dying Earth gets better. Those first stories were some of my favorites so it may not. I hate giving bad recommendations. :(

ediFanoB said...


don't worry. Our recommendations base on our taste. It is impossible that we all love the same books/stories.
I must admit that I recognized changes in my book taste since 2007.
Let's see how I will like the remaining 20 stories. Maybe I will like stories which you did not like that much.

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