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Edi's Lighthouse Chatter: A&P Waiting Part One

A&P Waiting, what a strange title for a post.

I was thinking about how to express that I wait for books which I would like to read and that there are books which wait to be read by me.

Today I would like talk about a few books I'm waiting for in 2012. Do you order books in advance?
I do it quite often. So far I ordered copies of 26 books in advance! That is nearly a third of the books I read in a year. To be honest I wait for all the books I order. I do not buy books to cover the walls in our home. Anyway there are more books on my radar. In some cases I do not know the final publishing date. I present you five books out of the 26 I ordered in advance and explain why I wait especially for them. These books have one thing in common. They are all paperbacks.

I like to read series. But I'm not that good in finishing series. It is crazy. I own complete trilogies but I read only the first book.
There are few series where I read all the books so far and wait for the final installments.
The Chathrand Voyage series by Robert V.S. Redick is one of them.
The Red Wolf Conspiracy (2008) (my review),
The Rats and the Ruling Sea (The Ruling Sea)
(2009) (my review)
The River of Shadows
the fourth and final book is ahead.
The Night of the Swarm will be published in May 2012.
How will the story around tarboy Pazel Pathkendle and his friends end? The previous books delivered epic fantasy with unforgettable characters. And not to forget the secret star of the series: Chathrand! A ship like no one you ever read about before.

The next book also belongs to a series, the sf series Expanse by James S A Corey which is the pen name of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. The first book in the series - Leviathan Wakes (pb, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-031612908] - has been my 2011 top read. and therefore I'm eager to find out if the second book continues on that level. I have to wait until June 2012 when the second Expanse novel will be published.
Caliban's War (pb, 2012) [ISBN-13: 978-031612908]
"The alien protomolecule is clear evidence of an intelligence beyond human reckoning. No one knows what exactly is being built on Venus, but whatever it is, it is vast, powerful, and terrifying.
When a creature of unknown origin and seemingly impossible physiology attacks soldiers on Ganymede, the fragile balance of power in the Solar System shatters. Now, the race is on to discover if the protomolecule has escaped Venus, or if someone is building an army of super-soldiers.
Jim Holden is the center of it all. In spite of everything, he’s still the best man for the job to find out what happened on Ganymede. Either way, the protomolecule is loose and Holden must find a way to stop it before war engulfs the entire system.
CALIBAN’S WAR is an action-packed space adventure following in the footsteps of the critically acclaimed Leviathan Wakes." [Source]

The following is just an example for the discovery of new authors. In this case I neither received a review copy nor I read about the book on an other blog. I found it on the site of publisher Angry Robot.
"Egil and Nix, adventurers and swords for hire, are pulled into the dark schemes of a decadent family with a diabolical secret.
A fast paced adventure redolent with the best of classic sword and sorcery tales."
I know that does not sound like something new under the sun. Therefore I switched to the author's site and found following additional text:
"Egil, a burly, brooding priest of the Momentary God, is the muscle of the duo, while Nix Fall (aka, Nix the Quick, Nix the Lucky), a thief and College of Wizardry drop-out, provides the brains. In these stories I’m trying to echo the sword and sorcery tales I love, while bringing to them modern sensibilities and pacing." [Source]
And that was the point where I decided to order a book from an author new to me. I talk about Paul S Kemp and his new series The Tales of Egil and Nix. Book one The Hammer and the Blade
will be published in June/July 2012 in paperback and digital. I case I will enjoy the book, I will buy the next one - a Discourse in Steel (planned to be published in 2013) - too.
Unfortunately I could not find the cover for The Hammer and the Blade.
Anyway it seems classic sword and sorcery is still a topic.

The last but one book I would like to show you. It is one of the debut novels to be published in 2012 by Angry Robot. It is not a debut novel and at the same time the first book in a series. I ordered the book because the blurb contains some for me important key words: London, Elizabethan England, Magic.
The Alchemist of Souls (pb, February 2012, UK) [ISBN-13: 978-0857662149] is the first book in the Night's Masque series which will be continued with The Merchant of Dreams (2013) and The Prince of Lies.
Author Anne Lyle offers on her blog information about The Book, The World, The Characters and Historical Figures.
"When Tudor explorers returned from the New World, they brought back a name out of half-forgotten Viking legend: skraylings. Red-sailed ships followed in the explorers’ wake, bringing Native American goods—and a skrayling ambassador—to London. But what do these seemingly magical beings really want in Elizabeth I’s capital?

Mal Catlyn, a down-at-heel swordsman, is seconded to the ambassador’s bodyguard, but assassination attempts are the least of his problems. What he learns about the skraylings and their unholy powers could cost England her new ally—and Mal his soul." [Source]

It seems the man who resides in London, Baker Street 221b is immortal. We meet him again and again since his first appearance in a publication in 1887. I must admit I did not read any of the original books and stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. But I must admit I would like. I know another wish, another dream. But then something happened in 2011 which took sometime until I recognized it.
"Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective in literary history. For the first time since the death of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a new Holmes story has been sanctioned by his estate, whetting the appetites of fans everywhere. Information about the book will be revealed as deliberately as Holmes himself would unravel a knotty case, but bestselling novelist and Holmes expert Anthony Horowitz is sure to bring a compelling, atmospheric story to life. With access to the estate's archives and careful study of the original stories, Horowitz is sure to weave a tale that satisfies new fans as well as the most dedicated Baker Street Irregular." [Source]
I did not take long and I ordered a copy which expect to be delivered in April 2012. I don't know if I will like it but I'm excited. And this is the book:

The House of Silk(pb, April 2012)
[ISBN-13: 978-0316213127]
by Anthony Horowitz

That's all for today.



welcome to my world of poetry said...

Some good books there to read, my you do read alot,
Have a wonderful New Year,


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You have half of your reading year planned already!

ediFanoB said...


I read whenever I find time. There are people who read more and there are people who read less than I do.
To be honest I would read more if I could.
It is a passion.

ediFanoB said...


it does not mean that I read exactly the books I ordered. And when you order books in advance you get a best price guarantee.
Example: I order a book now (January 2012) for 10 Euro which will be published February 2013. And the prices goes up to 12 Euro. Then I still have to pay only 10 Euro. In case the price drops I pay the cheaper one.

Beside that I like to have the choice which book to read next.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

They all sound like marvelous books. I enjoyed Neil Gaiman's short story of SHERLOCK HOLMES, A STUDY IN EMERALD. Thanks for following my blog, Roland

ediFanoB said...

Thank you too Roland!

I did not know that Neil Gaiman wrote a Sherlock Holmes short story.

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