Friday, January 20, 2012

Ediment: Lion Heart by Stephen Zimmer

Dear Readers,

this is the fifth and final post related to the
Stephen Zimmer visit the Lighthouse: Interview and Giveaway
post from last Sunday. For details read the post.
The giveaway will end at 11:59 PM CET January 22, 2012.

Each virtual set contains following stories

Goodnight by Michael West
More information

For the River Is Wide And The Gods Are Hungry by Michael West
More information

Temples Rising by Stephen Zimmer (Rising Dawn Saga)
More information

Lion Heart by Stephen Zimmer (Chronicles of Ave Collection)
More today

Insurmountable by Stephen L. Shrewsbury (Legends of La Gaul)
Ediment (Review)

Land of Shadow by Stephen Zimmer (Chronicles of Ave Collection)
Ediment (Review)

Author and Finisher of Our Flesh by Stephen L. Shrewsbury (Legends of La Gaul)
Ediment (Review)

Into Glory Ride by Stephen Zimmer (Chronicles of Ave Collection)
Ediment (Review)


Lion Heart by Stephen Zimmer (Chronicles of Ave Series)
[ebook, where to buy]

I bought the copy I read for this post.

Everything comes to an end. Today I review the third and latest short story in Chronicles of Ave Collection. You can read these stories in any order which I did. But it was up to me to decide in which order I wanted to post my reviews. And yes, there is a sorting order:
Save the best for the last
And that is what I did with my ediment (review) of Lion Heart by Stephen Zimmer.
With the you can visit the lands of the Amazu for the very first time. Meet the young warrior Sigananda. He is a man who hates senseless killing and who respects nature. Be the eye witness of the birth of a legend. Travel with him through a part of Ave which reminds of Africa with tribes, magic and wild and dangerous animals. A fascinating journey and adventure is waiting for you.
Lion Heart is Stephen Zimmer at his best. This story demonstrate his brilliance to create a whole world (in this case a region of a world) within a few pages. Everything is there: Human beings, animals, plants, landscape, a society with rules and rites, powerful wizards and, and, and, ...
But there is more. There is a story including, rumors, war, prevision, revelation, action, mystique, magic and nature.
After I finished the story I had the impression I read a full novel. It seems magic Stephen has the ability to manipulate words in a way that every word express a full sentence. Unbelievable!

I'm sorry. No thumps up for Lion Heart. Why? I need my hands for my E-Reader. I must read Lion Heart again instantly!!

Normally I do not talk about book prices. But this time I make an exception:

You can buy this story for unbelievable 99 cents (USD) [ or 89 cents (EUR)]

Now it is up to you to decide if you buy the story (where to buy) or you take part in the giveaway.



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