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Ediment: Land of Shadow by Stephen Zimmer

Dear Readers,

this is the third post related to the
Stephen Zimmer visit the Lighthouse: Interview and Giveaway
post from last Sunday. For details read the post.
The giveaway will end at 11:59 PM CET January 22, 2012.

Each virtual set contains following stories

Goodnight by Michael West
More information

For the River Is Wide And The Gods Are Hungry by Michael West
More information

Temples Rising by Stephen Zimmer (Rising Dawn Saga)
More information

Lion Heart by Stephen Zimmer (Chronicles of Ave Collection)
More information on January 20th

Insurmountable by Stephen L. Shrewsbury (Legends of La Gaul)
More information on January 19th

Land of Shadow by Stephen Zimmer (Chronicles of Ave Collection)
More information today

Author and Finisher of Our Flesh by Stephen L. Shrewsbury (Legends of La Gaul)
Ediment (Review)

Into Glory Ride by Stephen Zimmer (Chronicles of Ave Collection)
Ediment (Review)


Land of Shadow by Stephen Zimmer (Chronicles of Ave Series)
[ebook, where to buy]

I bought the copy I read for this post.

Today I'm back with the second short story in the Chronicles of Ave Series by Stephen Zimmer.
On Monday I delivered information about the world of AVE. I can assure you that even I as a big fan of the series do not know everything about AVE. Like you I depend on the revelations by author Stephen Zimmer.
Anyway today's story Land of Shadow will satisfy new readers as much as the readers of the Fires in Eden Series. There is always a danger to give away to much of a story especially when it is a short story.
Recombine the letters of the story title and you now which part of AVE we visit today. Welcome to the Shadowlands, a dangerous place. Goose flesh promised in form of animals with more than seven legs and as big as .... no, no, you have to read the story on your own. It is the place where Gunther (one of my favorite characters in the Fires in Eden Series.) found the Jaghuns but that is a nother story. With Land of Shadow Stephen Zimmer reveals two new races. New means new to everyone except Stephen Zimmer. Fortunately you do not have to discover the Shadowlands on your own. A band of Avanoran mercenaries is doing that for you. Anyway you should keep some distance to your Reader in order to avoid blood and gore and sweat. Now I have your interest. But isn't it that what you expect from mercenaries?
Shall I tell you more? Yes? NO!
Maybe I can tell you that much: Into Glory Ride was a great start of the Chronicles of Ave Series.
with Land of Shadow Stephen Zimmer continues the series on a high level. I like Land of Shadow a little bit more than Into Glory Ride.
On Friday I will tell which of the three stories in the Chronicles of Ave Series I like most.

And now hurry up: Goose flesh and revelations and blood and gore and sweat are waiting for you!

Normally I do not talk about book prices. But this time I make an exception:

You can buy this story for unbelievable 99 cents (USD) [ or 89 cents (EUR)]

Now it is up to you to decide if you buy the story (where to buy) or you take part in the giveaway.



welcome to my world of poetry said...

Excellent read. most interesting,

As I don't have a Kindle I can't take advantage of your offer,


ediFanoB said...

Dear Yvonne,

thank you for stopping by.

You do not need to own a Kindle or an other E-Book Reader.

If you use the Firefox browser you can read books in EPUB format with the EPUBReader add-on.

It is also possible to read Amazon e-Books on PC, MAC, IPHONE and IPAD.

Link for MAC user

Link for PC user

Link for IPHONE user

Link for IPAD user

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