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Ediment: Author and Finisher of Our Flesh by Steven L Shrewsbury

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this is the second post related to the
Stephen Zimmer visit the Lighthouse: Interview and Giveaway
post from last Sunday. For details read the post. The giveaway will end at 11:59 PM CET January 22th, 2012.

Each virtual set contains following stories

Goodnight by Michael West
More information

For the River Is Wide And The Gods Are Hungry by Michael West
More information

Temples Rising by Stephen Zimmer (Rising Dawn Saga)
More information

Lion Heart by Stephen Zimmer (Chronicles of Ave Collection)
More information on January 20th

Insurmountable by Stephen L. Shrewsbury (Legends of La Gaul)
More information on January 19th

Land of Shadow by Stephen Zimmer (Chronicles of Ave Collection)
More information on January 18th

Author and Finisher of Our Flesh by Stephen L. Shrewsbury (Legends of La Gaul)
More information today

Into Glory Ride by Stephen Zimmer (Chronicles of Ave Collection)
Ediment (Review)


Author and Finisher of Our Flesh by Steven L. Shrewsbury
(Blood & Steel: Legends of La Gaul Collection)
[ebook, where to buy]
I bought the copy I read for this post.

Who is Gorias La Gaul? The answer depends on whether you read Thrall (pb, 2010) [ISBN-13: 978-09780983108634] by Steven Shrewsbury (my review) or not.

This is the answer from artist Matthew Perry:

That is not helpful either for new readers. I think it would be best to ask the author himself.

Mr. Shrewsbury, who is Gorias La Gaul?

Mr. Shrewsbury: "Hi Edi, of ourse I will do that. Gorias La Gaul is an aging warrior who has lived for centuries battling the monstrosities of legend and lore."

Thank you Mr. Shrewsbury.

Now you - new or experienced - know enough to enjoy the first Gorias La Gaul short story.

Let me try a different and unusual approach. Do you know these hard-boiled detective novels like The Maltese Falcon? The star of the book is private detective Sam Spade. Like him Gorias La Gaul is a genuine character. Stone old, headstrong, full of emotions which often erupt in acts of violence - that is Gorias La Gaul.
In detective stories the lone wolf is called to solve problems. In Author and Finisher of Our Flesh
it is Gorias La Gaul whom you "call" in case of problems. And that is the only option left for general Thynnes when the contact to a colony fail and vessel do not return. Author and Finisher of Our Flesh is a story divided into two parts. It begins with the "call" of Gorias La Gaul. How do you interest a several hundred years old warrior to solve your problems? A wrong step a false word will cost your life. Within a few pages you get the impression of partly broken but still restless warrior showing an unexpected band with of emotions. The second part culminates in an awesome fight including blood and gore.
If you have problems with explicit violence then I recommend to stay away from stories and books starring Gorias La Gaul.
Everyone else get a tough story from Gorias La Gaul's life which delivers enough insight for new readers and Thrall readers get a new tough Gorias La Gaul story.

Normally I do not talk about book prices. But this time I make an exception:

You can buy this story for unbelievable 99 cents (USD) [ or 89 cents (EUR)]

Now it is up to you to decide if you buy the story (where to buy) or you take part in the giveaway.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Crap, I missed the giveaway!

ediFanoB said...

you did not miss the giveaway.
The giveaway is running from January 15th to January 22nd 2012.

I received your mail and you are in :-)

Rosalie Skinner said...

Sweet.. I might not be too late either.

ediFanoB said...

Hi Rosalie,

you are definitely not too late.
Received your mail.

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