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Bookbookistan News January 2012

Dear Readers,

today I have the pleasure to introduce to you an old friend of mine who has books in his veins.
Welcome edifanossa, a former travel book keeper from Bookbookistan . Before I hand over the word to him let me tell you, that edifanossa agreed to write twelve posts for my blog. There was only one prerequisite from my side. Every post must be related to books.
To be honest I do not know what edifanossa will deliver. I'm as nosy as you.

Thanks for the kind words ediFanoB. Aaah! I see a lot of question marks in the faces in front of the screen. First of all do not try to find information about Bookbookistan. It is such a wonderful country that nearly every Bookbookistan inhabitant wrote a travel book about it. My job was to herd them and to take care that none leaves the country. So far we have had only one visitor: edifFanoB. When he told me that he was searching for something imaginative and inspiring for his blog, I offered my support spontaneously.

So, here I am, a former travel book keeper, who would like to share with you his passion for books. I will do it in a Bookbookistan way. Follow me and let me surprise you.

Bookbookistan, the land of books and untold stories. We do not read books We inhale them - but not every book. I know that ediFanoB has a knack for epic fantasy, steampunk, space opera and historical fiction. I would lie when I would deny that I love these kind of books too.

Before I started to work on this post, I traveled to your book blogosphere. Impressive! There are countless blogs. If I would try to read them all I would not need books any longer. It is helpful, that blogs stick to certain genres. Now I come back to ediFanoB's blog.

I had a look at his posts and reviews. Obviously he likes historical mysteries and thriller. I found a lot of books (it was a pain to see that so many of them rest unread on the shelves) which underpin that. But something happened in August 2011. And I think I found the trigger:

GUEST BLOG: Historical and Fantasy - Two Sides of a Coin? - A L Berridge posted on August 5th 2011 over at Falcata Times

Since then I noticed an increasing interest in books which deliver historical facts and fantasy. The books he ordered since then and also a few hints here and there on the mirror this awakened interest. But let me assure you it is more an reawakening. You do not know like me which ediFanoB read before he entered the book blogopshere. But I must admit that he always have had particular interests. He never read about the Romans. England is the country which he prefers.

And that is the point where I discovered a slight change. It seems he is more open-minded. You will understand what I mean when you look at following list (the R in front of a book means ediFanoB read the book):

- Dark Fire (pb, 2004) [ISBN-13: 978-0330450782] by C. J. Sansom
- Prophecy (pb, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0007317738] by S. J. Parris
- Hereward (pb, 2012) [ISBN-13: 978-0141043746] by A. L. Berridge
- The English Monster (pb, 2012) [ISBN-13: 978-0141043739] by Lloyd Shepherd
- Bloody Winter (pb, 2012) [ISBN-13: 978-0141043739] by Andrew Pepper

R - Honour and the Sword (2010) [ISBN-13: 978-0141043739] by A L Berridge (review)
- In the Name of the King (2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0141043746] by A L Berridge


(- Crimea (pb, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0141013503] by Orlando Figes.)
- Into the Valley of Death (pb, 2012) [ISBN-13: 978-0241954102] by A. L. Berridge


- Clash of Empires: The Great Siege (pb, 2012] [ISBN-13: 978-1409102830] by William Napier

R - The Lion of Cairo (pb, 2011] [ISBN-13: 978-0553819830] by Scott Oden
R - A Place called Armageddon (pb, October 2011)
[ISBN-13: 978-1409121602] by CC Humphreys
R - VARANGIAN: The Stone of Babylon by Sabine Atkins (review)

But there is something more obvious. Look at the authors. Did you recognize that A L Berridge appears thrice? Seems there is a new favorite author.

I must admit I can understand ediFanoB in this case.

Did you read Honour and the Sword (2010) [ISBN-13: 978-0141043739] by A L Berridge? Did you read edi's review? I liked especially following statement:

"The title of the book - Honour and the Sword - is the shortest summary you can get which includes all you get."

It makes sense when you listen to following interview:

She knows what she is talking about. she breathe her books. I admire her.

And now I think I understood why ediFanoB bought this history book: Crimea (pb, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0141013503] by Orlando Figes.
"The Crimean War was the defining conflict of the nineteenth century and one of the fiercest battles in Russia's history: pitting its empire against an alliance of Britain, France and Turkey, killing at least 800,000 men and completely redrawing the map of Europe.It was the first conflict to use photography, the telegraph and newspapers; the original 'total war'.

Orlando Figes' vivid new book reinterprets this extraordinary conflict. Bringing to life ordinary soldiers in snow-filled trenches, surgeons on the battlefield and the haunted, fanatical figure of Tsar Nicholas himself, Crimea tells the human story of a tragic war." [Back of the book]
Isn't it true that you enjoy and admire something more when you know the background?

So I'm pretty sure that ediFanoB will read Crimea before Into the Valley of Death (pb, 2012) [ISBN-13: 978-0241954102] by A. L. Berridge
"1854 - The Allied armies prepare to besiege the Russian stronghold in the Crimea

Harry Ryder is a maverick hero. Resentful of the army that destroyed his father and his own career, he has no time for incompetent commanders. He clashes with his superiors as fiercely as he fights the Russians.

Four men, one woman and a game of cards will change everything and alter the course of a war.

Something evil has crept into the ranks of the British Army's own officers, an unknown enemy who plans lure men to ruin on the battlefields. The only path to victory lies in uncovering the truth, but to find it and confront his own destiny Ryder must charge with the Light Brigade into the Valley of Death itself . . " [Source]

Oh my! edi will be angry with me because I did not deliver more information about the other books and I'm afraid I bothered you with stuff you absolutely do not want to read.

But you can prove that black is white.

Do you know other novels about sieges like Clash of Empires: The Great Siege (Malta in 1565) and A Place called Armageddon (Constantinople 1453) except books about Troy?

Which historical books would recommend for my friends in Bookbookistan?

In February 2012 I will return with a new issue of the Bookbookistan News.
So far I have no idea what I will write. Fortunately there is some time left to think about.

Yours truly,



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Writing historical fantasy must be the ultimate challenge. Tons of research and massive world building all rolled up into one project. I admire those authors!

ediFanoB said...


that is true. I know that A.L. Berridge read around two hundred books for her Chevalier series.

Did you ever think about to write historical fantasy?

Historical science fiction
After a long travel through space and time Voyager 2 meets Byron and Athee ...

I promise you that there will be some historical fantasy reviews on the blog within 2012.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I have trouble writing poetry about the present let alone an historical one, though I did write one about Percy and Mary Shelley.
But it is food for thought.


ediFanoB said...


who would we be without our past?

Falcata Times said...

There's always a surprise or two out there and they're always a joy to discover. At some point I think I'll have to visit Bookbookistan. I suspect the national anthem is a joy to hear.

ediFanoB said...

Falcata Times,

edifanossa will return for another eleven Bookbookistan News and I do not know what we will get. Anyway I will ask him about the national anthem.

We both appreciate Falcata Times a lot.

Mark Lawrence said...

Hi Edi - wanted to say thanks for the vote on the Tor poll too :)

You'll be impressed to hear that on that list of 411 SFF books released in 2011 to remind you of what was out there... they managed not to have Prince of Thorns or Among Thieves listed!

ediFanoB said...

Hi Mark,

you deserved it.

To be honest I did not check the list in detail. But it is a shame that they forgot
Prince of Thorns and Among Thieves!!

And as expected one of the well known author took the lead ...

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