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Edi's Weekend Wave #1148

Hello and welcome to issue #1148 of Edi's Weekend Wave.
I'm frustrated, disappointed and totally tired. In the middle of past week I was not sure whether you well get a new issue of Edi's Weekend Wave or not. But a couple of minutes ago I said to myself: "You are not defeated yet and you will not surrender. Even you are terribly tired, you will deliver this issue. It is one of the last bastions between a life with a hobby or a life mainly consisting of work and sleep." Now have a look at one of the shortest Edi's Weekend Wave ever.


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The Lighthouse

My reading progress is not worth mentioning: 142 pages in seven days .....


- 154 pages in The Wise Man's Fear (994 pages, trade paperback, UK 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0575081420] by Patrick Rothfuss

- 401 pages in Theft of Swords (pb, November 23rd 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0316187747] by Michael J. Sullivan
A slight progress in an excellent book.

- 55 pages in of The Whitefire Crossing (ebook, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-1597802833] by Courtney Schafer.
This is the second book which I'm reading on our new e-book reader. A promising beginning.

Including today there are only 36 days left until end of 2011. High time to have a look at the books which I imploringly want to read until then. Fortunately I will have a few days off between Christmas and New Year. So I hope to read and finish following five books:

- The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss
- Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan
- The Whitefire Crossing by Courtney Schafer
- CassaFirE by Alex J. Cavanaugh.
- A Place called Armageddon by C C Humphreys

That means three times epic fantasy , one science fiction and one historical fantasy with in sum 2131 pages. Enough for 36 days.

What happened.
In September and October I won books in giveaways and some publishers sent my review copies of books.
BUT so far I did not receive one of these books. In one case I contacted the blog who did the giveaway. The blog owner replied that the copy has been sent to me. He has been so kind to contact publisher again and they sent me a second copy which also did not arrive at my home.

That means I do not receive books from UK and US and I really do not understand why.
Did someone steal all these books (I talk about five books) ? Have they been lost in transit?

I'm at a loss with the situation and thankful for any advice.

Enjoy your weekend ....


Dear readers, I'm the one to tell you about books - only books? What about novellas and other stuff? My name is Bona. I scour shelves, shops and the net for books. If you call me a book whore I would not gainsay you. But be aware I have my own, sometimes elusive taste.

Last week I received a book which I ordered at I was my top pick for the rest of 2012. I talk about A Place called Armageddon (pb, October 2011)[ISBN-13: 978-1409121602]
by CC Humphreys.
"To the Greeks who love it, it is Constantinople. To the Turks who covet it, the Red Apple. Safe behind its magnificent walls, the city was once the heart of the vast Byzantine empire. 1453. The empire has shrunk to what lies within those now-crumbling walls. A relic. Yet for one man, Constantinople is the stepping stone to destiny. Mehmet is twenty when he is annointed Sultan. Now, seeking Allah's will and Man's glory, he brings an army of one hundred thousand, outnumbering the defenders ten to one. He has also brings something new - the most frightening weapon the world has ever seen...And yet, through seven weeks of sea battles, night battles, by tunnel and tower, the defence holds...and will until the final assault and a single bullet that will change history. But a city is more than stone, its fate inseparable from that of its people. Men - like Gregoras, a mercenary and exile, returning to the hated place he once loved. Like his twin and betrayer, the subtle diplomat, Theon. Sofia, loved by two brothers but forced to make a desperate choice between them. And Leilah, a powerful mystic and assassin, seeking her own destiny in the flames. This is the tale of one of history's greatest battles for one of the world's most extraordinary places. This is the story of people, from peasant to emperor - with the city's fate, and theirs, undecided... until the moment the Red Apple falls." [Source]

No more today, see you next week ......


Hey, I'm Bona Fide. I just came back from my last foray through the blogosphere. What can you expect from me? I tell you: Everything from Art to Fart as long as there is any faint connection to books. And here is some honey from the beehive blogosphere...

Do you like surreal art? Then I recommend to have a look at Surreal Art Update: Glass Garage Gallery over at Dark Roasted Blend.

That's it for today. Come back next week for more ......


Hey, it's me Fide. I'm a remote control professional. I'm that fast that I can watch two movies at the same time.
But don't worry. All the stuff I present to you will be shown at normal speed.

How do you get in Christmas mood? Singing songs, reading books, shopping or see a movie. Nearly every year we get a Christmas movie. The 2011 Christmas movie is in 3D:

I saw the trailer recently in a German cinema and it looked nice and showed humor.

That's all for today. See you next time....


I 'm the Keeper of the minutes. But I don't mind when you call me Kotm. No, no. I don't explain to you how to pronounce.

Sometimes you surf around the net and find quotes like the following one ....

"A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.
H. L. Mencken, US editor (1880 - 1956)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry so many books have gone MIA in transit!
We saw The Muppets and plan to see Arthur Christmas this next week. Ardmann Animations makes really good films.
And of the books you want to read by the end of the year, bet mine is the shortest! Good news at least...

RaveAir said...

I thought these things are only happened in Hungary!

The normal operation of the delivery services and the Hungarian National Post is terrible.

Not one occasion it happened someone was at home for waiting to the package, but the delivery guy didn't come and he posted to the tracking site "The recipient wasn't at home"... It's ridiculous and outrageous!

Rosalie Skinner said...

Goodness, so sad to lose books in transit. That's disturbing news.
Hope they turn up. Better late than never.

Good luck with your reading list. My eyes ache just thinking about 2000 plus pages in a few days. Days off... hmmm. Lucky it's not summer and there are no lawns to mow, the pool to scoop, or the beach calling...

Looks like Arthur Christmas might make a great movie for the grandkids.. (and grandma) to enjoy. Thanks for the headsup!!
Take care... take it easy. Enjoy your ereader!!

ediFanoB said...

@Alex, sorry for the late reply. I think this is only the second time I'm online this week.
I started to think about if I should continue to take part in giveaways. It seems I have to buy the books on my own which I won :-(( (I talk about THE THIRD SECTION by Jasper Kent and VAMPIRE EMPIRE - BOOK TWO: THE RIFT WALKER by Clay and Susan Griffith). ampire Empire - Book Two: The Rift Walker.
Fortunately I received two review copies this week. But there are still some missing..

And you are right. CassaFirE is the shortest of the remaining books for this year. BUT the length of a story does not say anything about the quantity.

Tomorrow I will write my guest post for your blog ...

ediFanoB said...

@RaveAir, it can happen in every country.

ediFanoB said...

To read plus 2000 pages is only possible with a lot of days off. In the past two weeks I could read only on Saturday and Sunday!! The rest is work and sleep and work and sleep.
I like our ereader a lot. Especially the included dictionaries are a great help. Now I need only to touch a word I don't understand and within under a second I get the translation.

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