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Like a lot of you I read other blogs. And sometimes that hinders me to follow my plans. This evening I wanted to finish a review. Instead of going directly to my blog I had a look at my Google reader. The result: Instead of finishing my review I watched an one hour video on Youtube, read four blog posts, ordered a book in advance and added another two books to my never ending book list ...... Let me go into details. Maybe you will spend an hour like I did.

Thanks to Patrick from Pat's Fantasy Hotlist for leading me to the following video starring one of my all time favorite author. The following video gave me a pleasurable hour!

So one hour passed without spending a second for my review. But there was still hope after the glowing interview until I opened following post

"A Place Called Armageddon" by C.C. Humphreys (Reviewed by Liviu Suciu)

A Pace called Armageddon (pb, October 2011)
[ISBN-13: 978-1409121602]

I have been torn away by this review which fits perfectly to my love of historical books. I could not resist and ordered a paperback copy in advance.

Do you like historical books? Then I highly recommend to read the review.
You do not understand why the love for fantasy books and historical books fits together perfectly? Then you should read following post over at Falcata Times;

UEST BOG: Historical and Fantasy - Two Sides of a Coin? - A L Berridge

It is a real thoughtful post. And when you have watched the video you will remember that George R.R. Martin talked about the medieval influence.

A L Berridge is author of The Chevalier series.
"The ‘Chevalier' series follows the fictional life and adventures of André de Roland through some of the most tumultuous years in French history. As the series ends, Louis XIV has attained his majority, the Age of the Hero is over, and the Age of Absolutism is about to begin.
The series is driven by the central character of André de Roland, a Don Quixote figure whose extraordinary upbringing outside his own class has imbued him with a humanity almost unheard of in his own day, but with a sense of honour never acknowledged in our own. The combination is lethal. André's humanity leads him to ignore social conventions in his concern for the oppressed, while his honour requires him to defend them with the sword. ‘Honour and the Sword' establishes how such a man came to exist in the first place, while the series follows his adventures as the innocent abroad in the historical realities of a France torn apart by war, political conspiracy, and violent civil conflict. " [Source]
So far two books in the series have been published. I added them to my never ending book list.

Honour and the Sword (2010) [ISBN-13: 978-0141043739]
"It is 1636 - the height of the Thirty Years War, one of the bloodiest and most destructive conflicts Europe has ever seen. As the campaigning season begins, the Spanish armies swell out of the Artois region of the Netherlands - flooding into King Louis XIII's France. The sleepy border village of Dax-en-roi stands in their way. Facing the overwhelming might of the Spanish forces, the Chevalier de Roland rallies a valiant defence, but in vain - his household guard no match for the invaders. There is only one survivor as the Roland estate is razed to the ground, one soul who escapes the Spanish brutality: the lone heir to the Roland name, the son, a young boy by the name of André de Roland, the new Sieur of Dax . . .Upon this young nobleman?s shoulders all hope lies. He alone must bear the honour of the Roland name and, with it, the fate of his people."
[Source] Read the Falcata Times review.

In the Name of the King (2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0141043746]
" 1640, and the pall of war hangs over France . . .
Across the ravaged countryside, French soldiers are gathering in vast camps, as they prepare to take on the might of the Spanish Army.
Entering Paris is André de Roland, a young and idealistic French aristocrat. He has scarcely set foot in the city when he is compelled to defend a young woman’s honour by crossing swords with a cruel nobleman. Accused of treason and forced into hiding, he finds he has stumbled on a conspiracy within the King’s household to seize power by a secret alliance with Spain. It is the hour of his country’s greatest need and Andre is alone. He must risk his life and honour in the battle to save France.
In the Name of the King is an epic pageturner of political intrigue at court and brutal warfare in the field. It is also a story of nobility and love, as the destiny of one young man, his King and his country become inextricably intertwined. " [Source] Read the Falcata Times review.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah, I get sucked in as well. I even have all of my blogs organized in Google Reader so I can find my favorites fast. Unfortunately my favorites folder is really, really large!
I'll try not to let a whole hour slip by watching that video. Thirty minutes, tops!

ediFanoB said...

to be honest I enjoyed the one hour with George R.R. Martin a lot.

Like you I have all of my blogs organized in Google Reader and there are so many interesting blogs ....

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