Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Edi's Lighthouse Chatter: Picks for rest of 2011

Only 136 days left until the end of 2011. For me the time has come to think about what I want to read until the end of the year. If I could I would read a hundred books and more. But dreaming does not help.
I have to face reality.

Torn between "old" and new ones, tumbling between science fiction, epic fantasy, steampunk, historical mystery and thrillers, keeping in mind to fulfill promised review request and not lose track on my own and some times secret reading wishes, I look at my to-read bookshelf on GOODREADS.

I started to fill this shelf in 2007 and now there are 1403 books. I think I have to review the shelf because in the past years my taste changed a bit and it does not make sense to keep books on the shelf which I do not want to read. But that is not my task for today. Today my goal is to prepare my list of books which I want to read until the end of 2011. I think my 2011 reading goal - to read 70 pages per day - will be helpful. 70 pages multiplied by 365 days equals 25550 pages.
Including today there are 70 x 136 = 9520 pages left. As soon as I have decided which books to read I will calculate the number of pages and compare the result with the remaining pages.

Of course I will finish my current reads:

- A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin.
750 pages left; I'm sure I will not finish it by end of August
It is a great, great read

- The Revisionists (September 2011) by Thomas Mullen
200 pages left; I'm sure I will finish it by end of August
It differs a lot from the time travel novels I know.

- Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey
320 pages left; I'm sure I will finish it by end of August
For me it is definitely a candidate for my book of the year 2011!

- of King's Envoy (pb, July 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-1936850136] byCas Peace.
265 pages left; I started to read it yesterday! It comes in with a kind of easiness.
Which means I turn pages faster than I expected.

King's Envoy is the first book in the Artesans of Albia trilogy.
" ‘Artesans’ is a towering, triple-trilogy fantasy series charting the attempts of a fanatical Albian Baron to rid his realm of the Artesan craft he despises. Throughout the course of the series he stops at nothing to achieve his aim. Friend is set against friend, lover against lover, and ally against ally. His treacherous machinations set the very realms at war.
He is opposed at every turn by Major Sullyan, a member of the High King’s fighting forces. Initially unaware of the Baron’s treachery, Sullyan soon becomes his sworn and implacable enemy. Their conflict will threaten the fabric of the world." [Source]
Due to information from publisher the second book - King's Champion - will be published in August 2012 and the final book in the trilogy - King's Artesan - will be published in August 2013.

Books promised to read and review

Let me start with two books where I received electronic copies. I found the blurb promising.

- The Ascension by DCS
Finished reading. Sometimes the Terenzio family confused me. But despite that I will read the second book in the series too:

The Ascension [Kindle Edition; Published July 3rd 2010] by DCS is the second book in the series.
"A lifetime ago, Stefano Vasco Terenzio saw one way to maneuver his family into a game of betrayal against an unbeatable enemy; walking into a bullet. A generation later, what started with one man’s ego will determine the fate of the whole word. For centuries The Brotherhood and their Gods, the Anunnaki have hidden in plain sight among us. For centuries they have lied, sacrificed man by the thousands, and manipulated humanity into their service. As the clock ticks closer to December 21st, 2012, they will stop at nothing to keep their control of planet Earth. In the thrilling sequel to Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening, the end is only the beginning. Secrets emerge that will challenge the core of everything you think you believe. All the while a team of scientists must make sense out of the fantastical, and the tenuous link holding together the one family that can save humankind, shatters." [Source]

I got in contact with A L Berridge, who is the author of The Chevalier series.
"The ‘Chevalier' series follows the fictional life and adventures of André de Roland through some of the most tumultuous years in French history. As the series ends, Louis XIV has attained his majority, the Age of the Hero is over, and the Age of Absolutism is about to begin.
The series is driven by the central character of André de Roland, a Don Quixote figure whose extraordinary upbringing outside his own class has imbued him with a humanity almost unheard of in his own day, but with a sense of honour never acknowledged in our own. The combination is lethal. André's humanity leads him to ignore social conventions in his concern for the oppressed, while his honour requires him to defend them with the sword. ‘Honour and the Sword' establishes how such a man came to exist in the first place, while the series follows his adventures as the innocent abroad in the historical realities of a France torn apart by war, political conspiracy, and violent civil conflict. " [Source]
So far two books in the series have been published. I added them to my never ending book list.
I love to read historical beside all the fantasy and science fiction stuff.
A L Berridge promised me to send me copies of her books and I promised her to read and review them

Honour and the Sword (2010) [ISBN-13: 978-0141043739]
"It is 1636 - the height of the Thirty Years War, one of the bloodiest and most destructive conflicts Europe has ever seen. As the campaigning season begins, the Spanish armies swell out of the Artois region of the Netherlands - flooding into King Louis XIII's France. The sleepy border village of Dax-en-roi stands in their way. Facing the overwhelming might of the Spanish forces, the Chevalier de Roland rallies a valiant defence, but in vain - his household guard no match for the invaders. There is only one survivor as the Roland estate is razed to the ground, one soul who escapes the Spanish brutality: the lone heir to the Roland name, the son, a young boy by the name of André de Roland, the new Sieur of Dax . . .Upon this young nobleman?s shoulders all hope lies. He alone must bear the honour of the Roland name and, with it, the fate of his people."
[Source] Read the Falcata Times review.

In the Name of the King (2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0141043746]
" 1640, and the pall of war hangs over France . . .
Across the ravaged countryside, French soldiers are gathering in vast camps, as they prepare to take on the might of the Spanish Army.
Entering Paris is André de Roland, a young and idealistic French aristocrat. He has scarcely set foot in the city when he is compelled to defend a young woman’s honour by crossing swords with a cruel nobleman. Accused of treason and forced into hiding, he finds he has stumbled on a conspiracy within the King’s household to seize power by a secret alliance with Spain. It is the hour of his country’s greatest need and Andre is alone. He must risk his life and honour in the battle to save France.
In the Name of the King is an epic pageturner of political intrigue at court and brutal warfare in the field. It is also a story of nobility and love, as the destiny of one young man, his King and his country become inextricably intertwined. " [Source] Read the Falcata Times review.

Thanks to Hodder and Stoughton for sending me a copy of Outpost (2011) [ISBN-13: 978-1444709032] by Adam Baker.
The time has come for me to read a post apocalyptic novel:

"They took the job to escape the world
They didn`t expect the world to end.

Kasker Rampart: a derelict refinery platform moored in the Arctic Ocean. A skeleton crew of fifteen fight boredom and despair as they wait for a relief ship to take them home.

But the world beyond their frozen wasteland has gone to hell. Cities lie ravaged by a global pandemic. One by one TV channels die, replaced by silent wavebands.

The Rampart crew are marooned. They must survive the long Arctic winter, then make their way home alone. They battle starvation and hypothermia, unaware that the deadly contagion that has devastated the world is heading their way..." (Source)

Tor/ sent me a copy of 7th Sigma (hc, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0312877156] by Steven Gould. I must say I'm intrigued since I read the blurb:
"Welcome to the territory. Leave your metal behind, all of it. The bugs will eat it, and they’ll go right through you to get it…Don’t carry it, don’t wear it, and for god’s sake don’t come here if you’ve got a pacemaker.
The bugs showed up about fifty years ago--self-replicating, solar-powered, metal-eating machines. No one knows where they came from. They don’t like water, though, so they’ve stayed in the desert Southwest. The territory. People still live here, but they do it without metal. Log cabins, ceramics, what plastic they can get that will survive the sun and heat. Technology has adapted, and so have the people.
Kimble Monroe has chosen to live in the territory. He was born here, and he is extraordinarily well adapted to it. He’s one in a million. Maybe one in a billion." [Source]

7th Sigma made to my list of books to read until the end of 2011.

The "rest" of my 2011 TBR

I present you the books in specific order but with an individual comment why I added it to the list.

The list would absolutely incomplete with out my second most anticipated read in 2011. I received my copy in March, it traveled with my to the Baltic Sea shore and back.
It is "brick" with a weight of 1.286 kg = 2.8351 lbs and a measured height of 6 cm = 2.3622 inch.
"Only" 994 pages!!
The Wise Man's Fear (trade paperback, UK 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0575081420] by Patrick Rothfuss is the second book in the Kingkiller Chronicle.

And there are more books from my summer holiday book bag. They all have in common that they are part of series.

Time travel with me back to England in 1540. I look forward to enter the world of Matthew Shardlake. Dark Fire (pb, 2004) [ISBN-13: 978-0330450782] by C. J. Sansom is the second book in the series. The main character is unusual and the author is known for his excellent description of historical England.
""It is 1540, and Henry VIII has been on the throne for thirty-one years when Matthew Shardlake, the lawyer renowned as "the sharpest hunchback in the courts of England," is pressed to help a friend's young niece who is charged with murder. Despite threats of torture and death by the rack, the girl is inexplicably silent. Shardlake is about to lose her case when he is suddenly granted a reprieve - one that will ensnare him again in the dangerous schemes of Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII's feared vicar general." In exchange for two more weeks to investigate the murder, Shardlake accepts Cromwell's assignment to find a lost cache of "Dark Fire," an ancient weapon of mass destruction. Cromwell, out of favor since Henry's disastrous marriage to Anne of Cleves, is relying on Shardlake's discovery to save his position at court, which is rife with conspiracy." [Source]
To be honest I do not know for how long the copy of Magic of Dawn (pb, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0756406462] by S L Farrell. I own all books in the Nessantico Cycle which is in fact a trilogy. Machiavellian politics promise gray characters and that promises entertaining hours.
If will like it then book two and three will enter my 2012 read list.
"An intricate tale of murder and magic, deception and betrayal, Machiavellian politics, star-crossed lovers, and a world on the brink of devastating war....

Over the decades and slow centuries, the city of Nessantico spread its influence in all directions, subsuming and converting the majority of other religions and lesser gods within the Holdings. Always strong even as the borders of the Holdings ebbed and flowed under the effects of war and commerce, always magnificent even as tastes and styles changed, always seductive and desirable no matter what other exotic lands and places might briefly come into fashion, Nessantico gathered to itself all that was intellectual, all that was rich, all that was powerful. There was no city in the known world that could rival it. But there were many who envied it..." [Source]
Machiavellian politics promise gray characters and that promises entertaining hours.

Australian Joel Shepherd is the author of the science fiction series Cassandra Kresnov and the fantasy series Trial of Blood and Steel. I read and reviewed Crossover (pb, 2006) [ISBN-13: 978-1591027379] which is the first book in the Cassandra Kresnov series. I liked it a lot.
I also know that he has written the Trial of Blood and Steel quartet which combines female main
main character, series and epic fantasy. Welcome to my list: Sasha (pb, 2009) [ISBN-13: 978-1591027874] by Australian author Joel Shepherd.
"Sasha turns her back on her regal heritage, forsakes the life she could have as the princess in a rich kingdom, and trains instead to be a powerful warrior, fighting for the good of the people her father commands. Sasha is a princess, the like of which the highland country of Lenayin has never seen before. Spurning her royal heritage to be raised by the great warrior, Kessligh, her exquisite swordplay astonishes all who witness it. But Sasha is still young, untested in battle and often led by her rash temper. In the complex world of Lenayin loyalties, her defiant wilfulness is attracting the wrong kind of attention. Lenayin is a land almost divided by its two faiths: the Verenthane of the ruling classes and the pagan Goeren-yai, amongst whom Sasha now lives. The Goeren-yai worship swordplay and honour and begin to see Sasha as the great spirit--the Synnich--who will unite them. But Sasha is still searching for what she believes and must choose her side carefully. When the Udalyn people--the symbol of Goeren-yai pride and courage--are attacked, Sasha will face her moment of testing. How will she act? Is she ready to lead? Can she be the saviour they need her to be?" [Source]

I like it when books in a series are published within a couples of months. But so far I failed to read a whole series back to back. I think a good opportunity to start with delivers David Chandler with his The Ancient Blades trilogy.
It all starts with Den of Thieves (July 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0062021243] by David Chandler. The good thing is that book two and three will be published within this year (UK edition: August and September; US edition: September and November)
"Croy is a knight errant, and bearer of an ancient blade with a powerful destiny. He′s also kind of, well, dim. He believes in honour and he believes that people are fundamentally good. Unfortunately, Croy lives in the city of Ness, a thriving medieval city of fifty thousand people, none of whom are fundamentally even decent, and who will gleefully stab you in the back ... if you give them a chance.

Ness is also the home to Malden. Malden is a thief. He lives by his wits, disarming cunning traps, sneaking past sleeping guards, and running away very fast whenever people are trying to kill him. Which is often. One time Malden stole a crown. And then he had to steal it back to avoid a civil war. Croy got the credit, of course, because he′s a noble knight. Another time the two of them went into the tomb of an ancient warrior race, and Croy accidentally started a barbarian invasion. Guess who had to clean that up?

hey probably wouldn′t be friends at all if it wasn′t for Cythera. Cythera is a witch. A mostly-good witch. And despite herself she can′t stop thieves and knights falling in love with her ... At the same time." [Source]

A Thief in the Night (pb, US, September 2011)
[ISBN-13: 978-0062021250]
by David Chandler

So far no cover available
Honor Among Thieves (pb, US, November 2011)
[ISBN-13: 978-0062021267]
by David Chandler

No book list without steampunk!

The Ministry Of Peculiar Occurrences is a new steampunk series and Phoenix Rising (pb, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0062049766] by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris is the first book in the series. I hope the book will be as good as the blurb promise.
"These are dark days indeed in Victoria’s England. Londoners are vanishing, then reappearing, washing up as corpses on the banks of the river Thames, drained of blood and bone. Yet the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences- the Crown’s clandestine organisation whose baliwick is the strange and unsettling- will not allow its agents to investigate. Fearless and exceedingly lovely Eliza D Braun, however, with her bulletproof corset and a disturbing fondness for dynamite, refuses to let the matter rest..and she’s prepared to drag her timorous new partner, Wellington Books along with her into the perilous fray.
For a malevolent brotherhood is operating in the deepening London shadows, intent upon the enslavement of all Britons. And Books and Braun- he with his encyclopedic brain and she with her remarkable devices- must get to the twisted roots of a most nefarious plot… or see England fall to the Phoenix!" [Back of the book]

And there is another new steampunk series knocking on my door: The Doomsday Vault (pb, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-045146429X] by Steven Harper. The first novel in the Clockwork Empire offers a female main character.
"In a clockwork Brittania, Alice's prospects are slim. At 21, her age and her unladylike interest inautomatons have sealed her fate as an undesirable marriage prospect. But a devastating plague sends Alice off in a direction beyond the pale-towards a clandestine organization, mad inventors, life-altering secrets, and into the arms of an intrepid fiddle-playing airship pilot." [Source]

I liked The Martian Ambassador (pb, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-1907777-080] by Alan Baker a lot. When everything goes well I will receive a copy of the scond book in the Blackwood & Harrington Mystery series within two months. So far the cover of Feaster from the Stars (pb, September 2011 due to Amazon) [ISBN-13: 978-1907777547] is unknown.
More information will be delivered as soon as I get them

There is a time travel series and I own an unread copy. That must be changed!

The Eternal War (2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0141336336] by Alex Scarrow
This is the fourth book in the TimeRiders series. I read and reviewed all the books so far. It is a great series about time traveling. also adults can enjoy this series. I hope for more revelations.

A little bit underrepresented but there is still one science fiction novel. Veteran (pb, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0575094116] by Gavin Smith is at the same time debut novel and first book in the Veteran series. I expect a lot of action. And I like that the main character is older than me.
"Three hundred years in our future, in a world of alien infiltrators, religious hackers, a vast convoying nation of Nomads, city sized orbital elevators, and a cyborg pirate king who believes himself to be a mythological demon Jakob is having a bad day: "Nothing gets in the way of a hangover like being reactivated by your old C.O and told to track down an alien killing machine. The same kind of killing machine that wiped out my entire squad. And now it's in my hometown. My name is Jakob Douglas, ex-special forces. I fought Them. Just like we've all been doing for 60 bloody years. But I thought my part in that was done with. My boss has other ideas. If I didn't find the infiltrator then he'd let the Grey Lady loose on me. And believe me; even They've got nothing on her. So I took the job. It went to shit even faster than normal. And now I'm on the run with this teenage hacker who's had enough of prostitution. The only people I can rely on want to turn the internet into God. And now it turns out that They aren't quite what we'd all thought. I've been to the bottom of the sea and the top of the sky and beyond trying to get to the truth. And I still can't get far enough away from the Grey Lady. All things considered I'd rather be back at home deep in a whiskey bottle." Veteran is a fast paced, intricately plotted violent SF Thriller set in a dark future against the backdrop of a seemingly never ending war against an unknowable and implacable alien enemy." [Source]

The next book has been filed under File Under: Fantasy [ End Of The World | The Darkness Approaches | Addiction | On The Edge ]. I talk about Roil (pb, August 30th 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0857661845] by Trent Jamieson.
"Shale is in trouble - the creature-filled darkness known as the Roil is expanding, consuming the land, swallowing cities whole. Where once there were 12 metropolises, now only 4 remain.
It's up to a drug addict, an old man and a woman bent on revenge to try to save their city - and the world." [Source]
Not really sure what to expect. But I'm nosy. Anyway the party is not that usual.

Prophecy (pb, august 18th 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0007317738] by S. J. Parris (pen name used by Stephanie Merritt). I think the following text gives all the information why I want to read this book.
"S. J. Parris returns with the next Giordano Bruno mystery, set inside Queen Elizabeth's palace and steeped in period atmospherics and the strange workings of the occult.
It is the year of the Great Conjunction, when the two most powerful planets, Jupiter and Saturn, align - an astrological phenomenon that occurs once every thousand years and heralds the death of one age and the dawn of another. The streets of London are abuzz with predictions of horrific events to come, possibly even the death of Queen Elizabeth.
When several of the queen's maids of honor are found dead, rumors of black magic abound. Elizabeth calls upon her personal astrologer, John Dee, and Giordano Bruno to solve the crimes. While Dee turns to a mysterious medium claiming knowledge of the murders, Bruno fears that something far more sinister is at work. But even as the climate of fear at the palace intensifies, the queen refuses to believe that the killer could be someone within her own court.
Bruno must play a dangerous game: can he allow the plot to progress far enough to give the queen the proof she needs without putting her, England, or his own life in danger?
In this utterly gripping and gorgeously written novel, S. J. Parris has proven herself the new master of the historical thriller." [Source]
I loved to read The Lies of Locke Lamora (mmpb, 2007) [ISBN-13: 978-0553588941] by Scott Lynch. It was only a question of time that Red Seas Under Red Skies (mmpb, 2007) [ISBN-13: 978-0553588958]. I have high expectations.
"After a brutal battle with the underworld, Locke and his sidekick, Jean, fled to the exotic shores of Tal Verrar to nurse their wounds. But they are soon back to what they do best—stealing from the rich and pocketing the proceeds. Now, however, they have targeted the grandest prize of all: the Sinspire, the most exclusive, most heavily guarded gambling house in the world. But there is one cardinal rule: it is death to cheat at any game.

Brazenly undeterred, Locke and Jean have orchestrated an elaborate plan to lie, trick, and swindle their way straight to the Sinspire's teeming vault. But someone knows the duo's secret—and has every intention of making them pay for their sins... [Source]

I'm not sure how to describe it. There are books I have respect for. I look at them and hesitate to read them. It took me a long time to be confident enough to add The Darkness that Comes Before (mmpb,reprinted 2007) [ISBN-13: 978-1841494081] by R. Scott Bakker.
"Many centuries ago, the world was nearly destroyed by the dark wizards of the Consult, and the High King's family was wiped out--or so it seemed. Then from the wild, uncharted north comes a mysterious and extraordinarily powerful philosopher-warrior, Anasurimbor Kellhus, descendant of the ancient High Kings. But the return of the king's bloodline is little cause for rejoicing. For Kellhus's appearance may signal the overthrow of empires, the destruction of the sorcerous schools, the return of the Consult demons--and the end of the world.

The Darkness that Comes Before is a strong, impressive, deeply imagined debut novel. However, this first book of an epic fantasy series is not accessible; it reads like a later volume of a complicated ongoing series. Author R. Scott Bakker has created a world that is very different from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth, yet in depth of development comes closer than most high-fantasy worlds. In addition to providing five appendices, Bakker attempts to make his complex world clear to readers by filling the prologue and opening chapters with the names of characters, gods, cities, tribes, nations, religions, factions, and sorcerous schools. For many readers, this approach will have the opposite effect of clarity. It's like demonstrating snowflake structure with a blizzard. --Cynthia Ward" [Source]
The end of the list is coming nearer. Only three books left. Two of them are omnibus and belong to one series. I must say I belong to the group of potential readers who missed the Riyria Revelations series by Michael J. Sullivan. To keep the long story short Michael J. Sullivan signed a contract with Orbit who will publish all the books in the series in three omnibus and they will do it in three consecutive month starting in November 2011. I ordered the three books in advance.
In the meantime I got in contact with Michael J. Sullivan. There will be something on this blog in November related to the Riyria Revelations series. There was no way out. I had to add the first two books to this list.

Theft of Swords (pb, November 23rd 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-0316187747] by Michael J. Sullivan
"Royce Melborn, a skilled thief, and his mercenary partner, Hadrian Blackwater, make a profitable living carrying out dangerous assignments for conspiring nobles—until they are hired to pilfer a famed sword. What appears to be just a simple job finds them framed for the murder of the king and trapped in a conspiracy that uncovers a plot far greater than the mere overthrow of a tiny kingdom.
Can a self-serving thief and an idealistic swordsman survive long enough to unravel the first part of an ancient mystery that has toppled kings and destroyed empires in order to keep a secret too terrible for the world to know?
And so begins the first tale of treachery and adventure, sword fighting and magic, myth and legend.

When author Michael J. Sullivan self-published the first books of his Riyria Revelations, they rapidly became ebook bestsellers. Now, Orbit is pleased to present the complete series for the first time in bookstores everywhere." [Source]

Rise of Empire (pb, December 14th 2011)
[ISBN-13: 978- 0316187704]
by Michael J. Sullivan

That last book which made it to the list has thank this review - "A Place Called Armageddon" by C.C. Humphreys (Reviewed by Liviu Suciu). Read it too and you will understand!

A Place called Armageddon (pb, October 2011)
[ISBN-13: 978-1409121602]

I think this wild mix of new and "old" books reflects my taste. Now let's face some facts.
Without my current reads I showed you 25 books (if you count the omnibus as single books it would be 27 books. These books stand for 11926 pages. If I want to read them all I have to read around 88 pages per day!! You may think there is no big difference between reading 88 pages instead of 70 at it is no big deal but for me it will be a real challenge. We will see at the end of 2011.

Maybe this post will inspire you to read a book either from your forgotten sky scraping TBR tower or one of the upcoming novels.

Anyhow there is only one thing hat counts -



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Not sure when my publisher will start sending out review copies, but there's not much room left there...

ediFanoB said...

don't worry. When I get a copy of CassFire I will definitely read and review it!!!!

My list contains a lot of books which will be published within the next months. And there is always the possibility that a book will be postponed.

And let me add following: The list will only work if I can speed up reading. Not sure if it will work.

I just wanted to have a straightforward TBR list.

Let me assure you

Rosalie Skinner said...

Goodness, the choices you have to make. They all sound captivating. Oh to have the time to read them all. I am reading Cas Pearce's Kings Envoy and finding it a great read. She's created a terrific world with interesting characters.
Like Alex says, your year seems to be full to the brim of excellent reading choices.
What do you do in your spare time?

ediFanoB said...


as I told to Alex. I like to have a kind of plan and a TBR list belongs to the plan. But a plan is just a plan. My Picks for 2011 is what I would like to read based on information I have. To be honest I do not know when authors will send ARCs.
But as I told to Alex I will also tell you. In case I would get a review copy of EXILED AUTUMN'S PERIL I will read and review it.
Within my list there are six few books which I will definitely read because I promised and there there books I definitely want to read.

And yes I still have spare time beside reading, reviewing amd blogging.

I have only one regular post per week because I do not have time to blog daily.

It is impressive what you can read when you spend consistent two hour per day for reading.

In my remaining spare time, I spend time with my wife and my daughter, we got to concerts, cinemas and fairs, we like to play adventures and RPGs on PS2, PS3, WII, PC, I listen to music, watch TV, go to gym.

I think that my post looks more impressive as it is.
I know there are people who blog daily and read 300 books per year. That is something which I can't do with my job.

Anyway the most important thing is to enjoy life and books are an important part of my life.

Let me repeat for you and Alex: If I get reviewer copies from you I will definitely read and review them. PROMISED!

ediFanoB said...


one thing I forgot. It is mandatory notto play any games on facebook and it is important to limit the time you spend for social media (twitter, facebook).
They are time consumers par excellence.

As J.R.R. Tolkien wrote:

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

Rosalie Skinner said...

You have created and continue to manage a terrific blog, with amazing information. Sounds as though you balance a full and hectic life, complete with a healthy walk to work. Well done.
Thank you again, for your offer.

ediFanoB said...


thank you for your kind words.
I try to keep everything in balance. But there is always one part with a lack of time ...

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