Sunday, June 26, 2011

Edi's Spotlight: Celebrity Space by Alain Gomez

Finally I'm back in the world of reviews. And today I present you a review of an reading experience. To read short stories is always a challenge for me because they mostly end when I want to read more. Reading books in PDF format on my notebook is another challenge. As I have to spend many hours a day in front of a screen I prefer to read real books in my spare time.
Nevertheless I agreed to read and review a short story in PDF format.

Celebrity Space (2010, Amazon Kindle edition, 3,000 words; ASIN: B004HD66P4) by Alain Gomez is the first of five planned stories in the Space Hotel series.

In near future life gets boring for the so called upper ten thousand, celebrities and sport stars. There is only one way out: Visit the stars, visit the famous Space Hotel. No problem for all who can afford the shuttle travel and the stay.
But there are also people like the former Navy man Dan Cooper
Alain Gomez, who tries to get back in line with a new job. He is responsible for the basic safety on board the automatic shuttle between Earth and Space Hotel. On his first travel something unusual happens. The end of the story is shocking and delivers space for a wide range of speculation.

is a mix of science fiction and horror. But the horror is not that spectacular and bloody. It is more subtle.
It is impressive how much information you can deliver within 3,000 words. And from my point of view you can't expect that the characters are fleshed out more. Alain Gomez delivers enough information to set your brain in motion. The more imagination you have the more creepier the story will get for you.
The fresh and light style fits perfectly to the story. It is a satisfying read for less than 15 minutes. But you can think about the story for hours.
For me this is exactly the kind of short story I was looking for. I definitely would like to read the other stories in the Space Hotel universe.

If you are looking for science fiction enriched with horror in a non door stopper format which entertains and stimulate your brain then Celebrity Space is the perfect peace for you.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Only three thousand words? That is quite a feat!
Oh, and the sequel to my book is finished, polished, and with my publisher now.

ediFanoB said...

Alex, indeed only three thousand words. Short but good.

That means we (your readers) can expect the sequel within 2011?
That would be awesome!

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