Monday, June 06, 2011

Edi's Lighthouse Chatter: Where is ediFanoB?

Dear Friends, Followers and Readers,

you may have been disappointed because my period of silence took longer than expected. I think you will understand when I tell you a bit about what happened from May 20th till June 5th.
In the evening of May 20th our twelve year old Opel Corsa B did not work any longer. We took it to the repair shop twice before. And on May 22nd we wanted to go on holiday! Desperation!!
After some discussion we decided to rent a car for ten days online - really unexpected expenses!

On Saturday morning a good friend took us to the car rental where a big surprise waited for us. Instead of an VW Golf we got an Opel Insignia Sports Tourer - for the same price.
I must admit it is a great car for long distances. We needed eight hours from Egelsbach to Bansin.
We spent six wonderful days in Bansin. There will be a separate post about our stay.
In the evening of May 29th we returned home after a nine hour trip. After several hours sleep we had to face reality - we needed a replacement for our broken car. There was no doubt that we could afford a new car. What to do?
We have a local car dealer in walking distance (12 minutes) who sells so called employee's cars. My wife and I decided to go there and look for a one year old Opel Corsa D. It didn't take long and we found one which met our expectations ( features and price). We got the car in the afternoon of June 3d. I don't want to bother you with all the details like insurance and so on.
Beside that we decided to spend our next holiday again in Bansin. But this time we will stay two weeks. We booked the holiday flat in advance. And there have been other things which needed to be done.

All these activities reduced my time for reading and blogging. It took me several days to check my Google Reader (+1000 unread items).

And as you can imagine there are other impacts with the car we bought and the holiday we booked in advance. We had to reduce our monthly expenses for books and beads. That means I will buy from now on only two to three paperbacks instead of six to seven. As I'm a friend of ordering in advance I had to reorganize/cancel a lot of orders. It is all a question of priorities.
We need a car and we need a holiday. And our holiday is much more cheaper than a trip to a foreign country.

Maybe my restricted purchase of books will give me the opportunity to read all my unread books.

Concerning the blog I hope to return to my posting scheme (Weekend Wave on Saturday and a review on Sunday) by end of this week. I still have a bunch of reviews to write. I will not promise anything.

Have a great week and enjoy reading


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good to hear from you! Glad you found a replacement car. And always need to go with priorities.

RaveAir said...

Oh... Your absence was quite busy. Replacing a car is never an easy situation. I'm glad to you find a new one.

ediFanoB said...

Hello Alex and RaveAir,

thanks for your comments. Next week I return to work and to my normal blog schedule.

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