Saturday, May 14, 2011

Edi's Weekend Wave #1119 gone with the wind

There will be no Edi's Weekend Wave today

I don't know why but the last two weeks before my holiday always tend to be a kind of nightmare. Last week ( the last but one before my holiday) was a ragbag of unexpected events:
- A wedding anniversary which ended in a three hour traffic jam and a broken battery
- Even I worked only fours days I spent as much time as I would have worked six days
- Due to tiredness I did not find much time for reading
- Due to problems I could not write my Edi's Weekend Wave.

It is now 5:30 am in Germany on Saturday, May 14th. I got up that early to check whether is working again or not. As you can see it is working.
Unfortunately I don't have time to write Edi's Weekend Wave today instead of yesterday because my wife and I will visit friends. That means we will return home late. Too late to work on a post.

I hope you will understand .....

At last I would like to share two things with you.

Last week I received one book. It is the first book in a new steampunk series. I talk about
The Martian Ambassador (pb, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-1907777080] by Alan K. Baker.
"WELCOME TO LONDON, 1899 It has been six years since the discovery of intelligent life on Mars, and relations between the two worlds are rapidly developing. Three-legged Martian omnibuses stride through the streets and across the landscape, while Queen Victoria has been returned to the vigour of youth by Martian rejuvenation drugs. Victorian computer technology is proceeding apace, thanks to the faeries who power the 'cogitators; while the first 'ther zeppelins are nearing completion, with a British expedition to the Moon being planned for the following year.
verything seems to be going swimmingly until Lunan R'ondd, Martian Ambassador to the Court of Saint James's, dies while attending a banquet at Buckingham Palace. The discovery of strange, microscopic larvae in his breathing apparatus leads Queen Victoria to suspect that he may have been the victim of a bizarre assassination. The Martian Parliament agrees, and they are not pleased. No Martian has ever died in such suspicious circumstances while on Earth. An ultimatum is given: if Her Majesty's Government cannot solve the crime and bring the perpetrator to justice, the Martians will!
Enter Thomas Blackwood, Special Investigator for Her Majesty's Bureau of Clandestine Affairs. Along with Lady Sophia Harrington, Secretary of the Society for Psychical Research, Blackwood is charged with the task of solving the mystery of Ambassador R'ondd's death, before the Martians take matters into their own hands, possibly igniting an interplanetary war in the process! " [Source]
For me the setting sounds promising and I look forward to read it. The second book in the series - Feaster from the Stars (pb, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-1907777547] will be published by Snowbooks in August 2011. I like the cover a lot because it delivers atmosphere. You need to touch it because the planets and other things are raised.

Today is the final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. We will watch it because it makes a lot of fun. And yes, I have a favorite song. Just watch the following video:

That is all for today and I hope next week will be different than the last one. Or as the grandmaster of fantasy wrote:

"Still round the corner there may wait,
A new road or a secret gate

J. R. R. Tolkien
British scholar & fantasy novelist (1892 - 1973)



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's all right! Blogger was down a whole day and it really threw some people for a loop. I'm glad I had my Friday post prescheduled. Lost a ton of comments from the previous post though.
Just enjoy your weekend, Edi!

ediFanoB said...

@Alex, sad to read that you lost so many comments. I think things like this will happen again and the best we can do is not to get desperate.

I hope you will have a relaxing weekend.

RaveAir said...

You don't have to apologize, because this is the way how things are going. So, you don't worry.

Unfortunatelly I also experienced how long a workweek could be. :(

ediFanoB said...


of course I know that. But as you have an own blog I'm sure you understand the reason why I did it.

It seems there is no real definition of the duration of a workweek.
But I know for sure the maximum duration: 168 hours .....

RaveAir said...

If your boss knows you have a time machine, then she/he'll give you more work.

Because the time machine is the only reasonable explantion why you have so much time to read many books. ;)

So, you don't mention him you're owner such a unique device!

Alan Baker said...

Hi Edi. Thanks for ordering a copy of The Martian Ambassador. I really hope you enjoy the book. I'm intrigued as to how you know The Feaster from the Stars is going to be published in August. I didn't even know that myself! :)
Best wishes, Alan

ediFanoB said...

Hi Alan,
I look forward to read The Martian Ambassador.

I found the information about the publishing date of Feaster from the Stars over at Fantastic Fiction.
It is possible to order the book in advance at

And I found following blurb:
"The second in the Blackwood and Harrington series. London 1899. Something strange is happening on the London Underground. The ghosts which haunt the platforms and tunnels are being seen much more frequently than usual, and it seems that they have become angry and frightened for some reason. There is, apparently, something on the network of which even the dead are afraid, and the train drivers and other staff are becoming increasingly reluctant to work there. The new atmospheric railway is being installed, and the railway companies are demanding that the mystery be solved before their investments go up in a puff of steam." Source

In case the date is wrong please let me know.
I ordered a copy of Feaster from the Stars in advance

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