Saturday, January 01, 2011

Edi's First Post in 2011

Dear Friends and Readers,

welcome to 2011
May all your wishes come true.

This year I will do something different. No New Year Resolution. I have a wish and will share with you some maths.

My one and only wish = ENJOY LIFE

- Family, job, health, good mood, serenity, travels, books, blog, music, movies, time,.....

No, I'm far beyond to be a philosopher. But age change the view on things. Despite my age I'm no cynical old codger. I'm still "hungry" to learn new things. Nevertheless I definitely need more serenity in this 24/7 world full of stress and expectations.....

Let's come back to books and reading.

I do not want to count any longer how many books I read, how many reviews I wrote, .....

The sheer number of books does not tell anything about the time I needed to read a book and whether I enjoyed the time I spent with the book or not.

I will change the format of my reviews a bit and add
- information about how much time I spent for reading
- a descriptive paragraph about the entertainment factor of the book

I'm still in discussion with Bona, Fide, Bona Fide and KotM about their contribution. I will keep you informed.

Finally some maths

Did you ever think about how you spend an average day? How much time can you spend for reading?
I estimate I can spend an average of two hours per day for reading within a year.
One year = 365 days
Two hours reading per day multiplied by 365 days equals 730 hours
I'm not the fastest reader. My limit is around 35 pages per hour.
730 hours multiplied by 35 pages equals 25550 pages

25550 pages mean how many books? It is impossible to say because the umber of pages per book differ a lot.
Let's assume an average of 375 pages per book.
Then I would read 25550 pages divided by 375 pages = 68 books - never read so many books within one year.
Anyway it does not matter how many books ..... I'm totally nosy how many pages I will read in 2011.
You can follow my progress. I added the information in the right column of the blog. It will be updated weekly.

What is about you dear readers? Do you have any New Year Resolution?

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