Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Edi's Lighthouse Chatter: Cinema, Reading, Post

Today is the end of the last but one month in 2010. The last opportunity to "bother" you with one more post.
Nothing exciting. Just some information what is going on and a place where you can spend money for books ...

Yesterday evening my wife and I went to cinema. We watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part I
we read all the books and watched all the movies so far. But this one is special.

It is definitely the darkest and partially scariest Potter movie so far. And at the same time it is full of deep emotions. I'm sure that a lot of people will find the trip in the wilderness of the central trio (Harry's, Hermione, Ron) far too long. For me it fits. I can't wait to see the grand finale which will leave me behind in a sad mood because it will be the end of a great series....

Today I finished - Pirate Freedom (2010, pb) [ISBN-13: 978-0765318794] by Gene Wolfe. I left the book with ambivalent feelings and decided not to write a review. You will find some of my thoughts over at Goodreads.

Beside The Monarchies of God series by Paul Kearney and The Last Page by Anthony Huso I will start to read a book in PDF format: Zero Gravity: Adventures in Deep Space (2010) [ISBN-13: 978-1617060007] edited by Alva J. Roberts. I think it is time to read some more science fiction.
"This short story collection features thirteen fantastic adventures set in the cold vacuum of space. Read about rogues, scoundrels, aliens, robots, heroes, junkers and priests as you explore the rich and creative diversity of the following stories:

Junker's Fancy By Rosemary Jones, Leech Run By Scott W. Baker, A Space Romance By Paul A. Freeman, Hawking's Caution By Mark Rivett, Parhelion By David Schembri, To Stand Among Kings By Kenneth Mark Hoover, The Unicorn Tree By Alethea Kontis, The Beacon of Hope By Gregory L Norris, Tangwen's Last Heist By C.B. Calsing, The Stand-Ins By Gef Fox, Glacier Castle By Will Morton, Rescue By Margaret Karmazin, At One Stride Comes the Dark By Murray Leeder." [Source]
I think it is a good decision aft the door stopper Under the Dome (pb, 2010) [ISBN-13: 978-0340992586] by Stephen King.

And there are more good books published by small publishers.

Watch the following book trailers which show books from Seventh Star Press.


And there are more books which are offered in various packages. For details visit the
By the way they ship internationally.

And NO, I don't get any money from them. I'm just a big fan of Stephen Zimmer.


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