Monday, October 18, 2010

Draft Edi's Spotlight: Bringing Forth The End Of Days by Simon Law

Sometimes it takes a while longer than expect. In July 2010 debut author Simon Law sent me a .pdf copy of Bringing Forth The End Of Days (2009) [ISBN-13: 9781608602032]. I promised to read and review it August 2010 and I failed. September 2010 has been a worse month for me in case of reading.Simon Law, I'm sorry for that .But finally today I can present you my review of Bringing Forth The End Of Days. It is part sci-fi thriller, horror story, mystery and suspense novel all tied into one.

It all begins with a choice:
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There has been no choice for Thomas (Tom) and Susan, the children Jacob and Steven, the couple Karen and Jobe. They have to live in world destroyed during World War III. A world without oxygen. All oxygen has been vaporized over the years by a mysterious green gas it started in 2013. Early 2016 the PGOGM (Photo-synthetically Generated Oxygen and Glucose Machine) has been invented. Based on solar energy and rainwater it produce oxygen and food. Don't ask for details. But there are more dangers lurking the streets. Mutants with surgically attached PGOGM kill everyone who seems to be "normal". They call themselves Jehova Enforcers.

Tom and the other spend their life in a house whith a PGOGM in the town of Crawley (West Sussex, England) until the day when they decide to search more survivors .....

Simon Law did some interesting things which give the story a real unique and plausible touch.
The story is set in a real existing town. The main events take place in near future. The main characters try to follow a daily routine which is not that different compared with today - except we can leave the house whenever we want without problems. The story takes place years after the disaster. Simon Law reveals the events of the past in small potions which are perfect embedded in the daily life. To be honest I found the beginning of the book at the edge of being boring. But that changed after I have finished the book.

For me Bringing Forth The End Of Days is divided in two parts.
It starts with a very detailed and believable story about how survivors cope with life in this nightmare of a world. You also get to know in detail the past of the main characters. All this embed information about what has happened with earth.
And then there is an outburst of sheer violence which turns the story into the direction of horror. All the events are depicted in a real graphic style. Be sure that one touch you when you read. It could be absolutely dangerous for the other person because you will hit without thinking.
But the violent second part makes sense and is obviously the result of the first part.
I promise you some unexpected revelations about past and present which left me with an open mouth.
There is no wagging finger at all.

Beyond all the positive aspects there are a few things I have to cavil at:
A bit too much details in the first part of the story. The end of was a little bit disappointing because it was partly predictable. But then end leaves the opportunity for a sequel.

Bringing Forth The End Of Days is a stirring, convincing and alarmingly plausible debut novel about what could happen any time from now own. A great screenplay for cinema and your imagination.

When I saw the first time pictures of the eco disaster in Hungary I thought immediately at Bringing Forth The End Of Days.


ibpurpledragon said...

Interesting post apocalypse premise, nice review. Thanks for following me on twitter.

Simon Law said...

Thank you very much for reviewing my novel. I will let you know when the next one is out ! - Simon Law

ediFanoB said...

Bringing Forth The End Of Days is different compared to other post apocalypse novels.
I like Twitter. I must admit that I read more than I tweet.

@Simon Law,
thank you for the review copy. I look forward to your next novel.

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