Monday, September 27, 2010

Edi's Lighthouse Chatter: Today I like Monday

Dear Readers,

I know it is Monday. And today I like Monday for several reasons. I finished a book. I went to dentist for my annual tooth check and everything is fine. Beside that I would like to share with you some book news.

In issue #39 of Edi's Weekend Wave I posted about the next book in one of my favorite series -
PAX BRITANNIA: Dark Side (pb, 2011) [ISBN-13: 978-1906735852] by Jonathan Green.
Yes, incredible opportunities await you on Earth's most popular emigration destination. Let us bring you to the moon in style. Our weekly flights depart from all the major London spaceports. From thearchitectural splendor of Luna Prime to Serenity City, there really is something for everyone. Or if it's adventure you're looking for, why not seek out old enemies and win new allies as you hunt for the killer of your nearest and dearest? So what are you waiting for? Murder and mayhem await you on the dark side of the moon. But remember, in space no one can hear you hullabaloo!" [Source]
I'm so excited to read about a "steampunked" moon.
In secret I waited for a trailer. Fortunately Jonathan Green "read" my thoughts :-))

Ta-da! I proudly present the first Dark Side trailer

I told you that I like to read historical fantasy.
In Edi's Weekend Wave #37 I informed you about an interesting post - Historical Fantasy: A History, Part one: The Past - over at Adventures in SciFi Publishing. The three-part series about historical fiction written by author M. K. Hobson.

In a further post I told you about - Historical Fantasy: A History, Part Two: The Present

Since September 26th - Historical Fantasy: A History, Part Three: The Future - is available.
Again you get book recommendations and some interesting thoughts.From the ten mentioned books, four are either on my list or I own a copy. Not bad.

Finally let me say that I could not resist to order The Native Star (pb, 2010) [ISBN-13: 978-0553592658] by M. K. Hobson. I was not sure about the romance factor in the book. But the great review over Dreams and Speculations at allayed my doubts.

I can't withstand to show you the trailer again

Enjoy Reading .......


Sarah said...

The steampunked moon sounds like something I will HAVE to read about. Also, I would have never heard of "The Native Star" if you hadn't mentioned it. The romance aspect makes me.. uh... leery but otherwise it looks really interesting! Two more books to add to my stack.

ediFanoB said...


because of the romance aspect I added the link to the review. Over there you get an explanation about the romance aspect. To be honest with romance as one of the main aspects I would not have ordered the book ...

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