Sunday, September 19, 2010

Edi's Lighthouse Chatter: Don't miss Historical Fantasy: A History

Dear Readers,
I will be honest with you. I have a kind of review logjam. It is a nightmare to stare at white sheet of paper for hours. Maybe I have read too many good reviews in the past days which blocks me. I don't know the reason yet.
I want to be fair and honest to the authors of the books I review and of course I want to be honest and fair with you. And when I obviously can't deliver quality content I abandon to write just something. I hope you understand.

Instead I deliver a post especially for all of you who like to read historical fantasy.
In Edi's Weekend Wave #37 I informed you about an interesting post - Historical Fantasy: A History, Part one: The Past - over at Adventures in SciFi Publishing. The three-part series about historical fiction written by author M. K. Hobson.

Now the second part - Historical Fantasy: A History, Part Two: The Present - is available. Don't let you be mislead by the term historical fantasy. Part two contains a lot of information about all the different "-punk" categories. To be honest I never read before about "Timepunk". A highlight of the post is definitely all the book links. To my surprise I read 11 of the 60 mentioned books and another seven are on my list. That means I like historical fiction.

M. K. Hobson refers to an excellent post by author J.E. Remy. As there is no direct link in her post. I thought it would be good to post it: All Sorts of Punk

Finally I like to share one more link with you. Let me first quote what the author wrote about his site:
"This site provides a highly selective list of online resources and novel recommendations for the genres of historical fiction, fantasy, and historical fantasy. Its purpose is to introduce historical fiction fans to the world of fantasy literature, to introduce fantasy fans to the world of historical novels and short fiction, and to offer readers of both genres information on the overlapping genre of historical fantasy."
In case this text aroused your interest then go and visit:



Sarah said...

I really enjoy Historical Fantasy, but I haven't read enough of it.

I noticed you are reading "In the Belly of the Bow." I'm really, REALLY interested in your take on that series.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry you feel stuck and devoid of quality words. Still okay with my review on October 17? We can bump it back a week to the 24th - that's still in the middle of my blog tour. Just let me know!

ediFanoB said...

at the moment I can't deliver a date for "The Belly of the Bow". I read 130 pages so far and like it.

ediFanoB said...


I think things like this happens. I will stay away from writing reviews for some days. Don't worry about your review. So far I don't see that your review is in danger.

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