Friday, July 23, 2010

Edi's Spotlight: Getting old is TRÈS DANGEREUX by Rita Lakin

Psst .... Hey, its me Fide. For all of you who don't know ,ediFanoB shares his brain with four more personalities and we are Bona Fide, Bona, the Keeper of the minutes (Kotm) and me.

This is a special post on a special day.
ediFanoB, the old crock, turns 51 today.


And of cause we thought about a gift for him which fits to his age.
We know, that he admires Gladdy Gold and her "gladiators".
Therefore we decided to present him following review.

Getting Old Is TRÈS DANGEREUX (2010) [ISBN-13: 978-0440245421] by Rita Lakin is the sixth book in the Gladdy Gold mystery series:
"In Fort Lauderdale, self-proclaimed private eye Gladdy Gold is less interested in her cases than in her whirlwind romance with silver-haired Jack Langford. But just as Jack is about to pop the question to Gladdy, a curvaceous redhead from France interrupts with a mysterious agenda. She and Jack, it turns out, will always have Paris. And to make matters worse, the seductress is being stalked by a killer.
Michelle DuBois is famous for her steamy bestselling exposés - and now someone wants to silence her forever. While Jack is bodyguarding his former lover, Gladdy must save her busybody friends from the pricey séances of a phony-baloney New Age guru. That's when Gladdy comes face-to-face with a dear departed friend with a message. ...
Between a little jealousy and a geriatric assassin, Jack is in more danger than he knows. And Gladdy is the one woman with the je ne sais quoi that could just save his life." [Back of the book]
We confess: We all love Gladdy Gold and we all wish to be in the same constitution when we are 75!!

You need to know that most of the people who are part of the story are not younger than 70.
But they are all young at heart, grounded, eccentric golden agers. Beside all the problems coming along with getting older they have a lot of humor and enjoy life. And it is a real life where even good friends can die.
No day is like the other even they have daily routine. Smart and sassy herione Gladdy with her incredible gladiators solve their cases in mostly unexpected manner. Of course the mysteries are not that difficult but the unbelievable presence of humor let you follow the story without any break.
Like all the other books in the series, Getting Old Is TRÈS DANGEREUX let you laugh out loud that when you read it in public people will think you are on a acid trip.

We still can't understand why there aren't any Gladdy Gold movies. I assume it would be like a mix of Golden Girls and Miss Marple.

In order to give you an impression, I present you a scene from the GOLDEN GIRLS

Are you afraid of getting older, do you have problems to laugh, do you want to getaway from it all and see how it can be then we highly, highly, highly recommend to read ALL Gladdy Gold books!!

we still remember a phrase form the very first book:
"I don't like beans. They give me the gas."
We changed the phrase a bit

"We like Gladdy. She gives us the laugh."

Kudos to Rita Lakin!
Thank you for many entertaining hours with heart and humor.

Final Advice:
You will be never too young to read a Gladdy Gold mystery ......

And don't forget to visit Rita Lakin's site.


Seak (Bryce L.) said...

Happy Birthday! I hear July is a great month to have a birthday! :)

ediFanoB said...

Thank you Bryce.

Next year in July you will celebrate Dylan's first birthday.

So for both of us July is a great month to have birthday :-))

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