Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Edi's Lighthouse Ledger: Read in June 2010

Dear Readers,

this is the last day of June 2010. Time for a monthly summary. From reading, reviewing and blogging point of view it has been the worst month in 2010.

I posted in sum three reviews. That is more than the number of books I read.
I read the introduction and seven of the nineteen stories of
Swords & Dark Magic (July 2010) [ISBN-13: 978-0061723810], edited by Jonathan Strahan and Lou Anders.
"Swords & Dark Magic is the most important new fantasy anthology to be published this decade. Featuring new stories from the bestselling and brightest writers working in the genre, including: New York Times bestselling authors Scott Lynch and Garth Nix; genre greats Michael Moorcock (with an all-new Elric novella), Michael Shea (with a fully authorized new Cugel the Clever adventure), Robert Silverberg (with an all-new Majipoor tale), Glen Cook (with an all-new Black Company story), Gene Wolfe, and C. J. Cherryh; and hot new writers who've been re-inventing swords and sorcery like Steven Erikson, Joe Abercrombie, Tim Lebbon, and many more." [Back of the book]

And I finished one - only one - book:
A Plague of Sinners (May 2010, 448 p.) [ISBN-13: 978-1905636914], by Paul Lawrence
"July 1665. The great plague rages rampant outside London’s city walls. Harry Lytle makes a welcome return after his trials and tribulations in The Sweet Smell of Decay to investigate the murder of the Earl of St Albans. A grisly dinner-table death starts Harry off on the trail, and it’s not long before his familiar accomplice, Dowling the butcher, joins him on the case. Their master, Lord Arlington, head of the King’s intelligence service, tasks them with uncovering the name and motive of the Earl’s murderer. But there will be plenty more deaths and scrapes for Harry before the name is revealed."

The only positive things is that I liked A Plague of Sinners a lot. I wrote in my review:
A Plague of Sinners = satisfying extraordinary good historical thriller

Don't worry I won't "torture" you with an epic lamentation. There are several reasons why it happened.
And to be honest I want to forget this month as soon as possible. I said to myself: LOOK AHEAD!
Which is difficult because I'm German and we like to lament. But we also like to make plans. And in this case I'm no exception.

I will post my plan for July on Friday because it is still in progress.

Let me end this post with a music video which fits to my current mood.

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