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Edi's Lighthouse Chatter: The Storm Guardians by Stephen Zimmer

As promised yesterday, today I present you - how shall a name it - my package of the week. Some of you may know that I like Stephen Zimmer and his books.
He is the author of Crown of Vengeance (pb 2009, 612 p.) [ISBN-13: 978-0982565612], the first book in The Fires of Eden series.
This is the cover, the setup and the trailer.
"Imagine you go out for a walk. After a while a thick and strange mist comes down within minutes. Can happen. But to look in a unusual blue-greenish sky after the mist has disappeared is nothing you would expect. And that is what happens to eleven inhabitants - just people like you and me - of a midwestern town in United States. Janus Roland and the others have entered the world of Ave. A world on the edge of war. A mysterious being called The Unifier is on the way to gain the power over Ave for his more mysterious master. But the people of the Saxan Kingdom and the tribes in the Five Realms confederation are the last bastion and the last hope for the peoples of Ave.... And what is the role of the people from earth?"
For more information read my review of Crown of Vengeance.

Stephen is also the author of a second series: The Rising Dawn Saga. I read and reviewed The Exodus Gate (pb 2009, 566 p.) [ISBN-13: 978-0615267470], the first book in the series.
"Benedict Darwin, host of a popular late night radio show that deals with the paranormal, comes into possession of a virtual reality simulator that turns out to be something far greater and more powerful than he ever expected.
Supernatural powers from the Abyss and their human allies are working tirelessly to bring about a One World Government, bridging the boundaries of time and space to bring back the Nephilim, the offspring of Fallen Avatars and humans, who were destroyed in a Great Flood that occurred long ages ago.
On the verge of enslaving the entire world, the vast forces within the Abyss under their proud and defiant ruler Diabolos are more powerful than ever before, and they hunger to shake the foundations of Heaven itself. A Convergence of unprecedented proportions is underway, as meticulously designed plans from malevolent otherworldly powers, set into motion at the foundation of the world, begin to unfold.
In the face of this rising storm, other powers begin to come together to resist. A most unlikely group begins to form, including high school student Seth Engel and his friends, who witness pony-sized wolves during a hike in a forest where wolves have not been seen in decades, to Benedict, his niece Arianna, and even souls existing within the afterworld. The Exodus Gate sets in motion many new forces and unexpected allies that are not going to allow their world and those beyond to fall without a fight."
I did not like the whole book. I have had some problems with what I call the religious trace. For details please read my review (follow the link above).

BUT I promised Stephen to read an review the next book in the series: The Storm Guardians (pb 2010, 543 p.) [ISBN-13: 978-0982565636].
"Storms break out across the world and the realms beyond, as the Convergence seeks to advance its worldwide agenda, and Diabolos unleashes great powers from the depths of the Abyss.
The Fallen Avatar Beleth’s legions pour across the boundaries of Purgatarion, even as the Night Hunt is loosed once again, in the modern world. Dagian readies for a monumental unveiling of Babylon Technology’s greatest invention, a technology that holds grave implications for every living person on the face of the world.
It is a time when the Exiles in the Middle Lands, the An-Ki, and many others are falling under the shadow of the Abyss. Guardians of all forms, great and small, must rise to resist as the storm of darkness spreads. From high school students Seth, Jonathan, and Annika, to Ian, Arianna, and the others of humankind that have been drawn into the spiraling course of events, choices with dangerous consequences have to be made.
An epic tale of resolve and heroism, The Storm Guardians takes the reader farther and deeper into the Rising Dawn Saga."
Stephen talked about his book on Memphis television station WPTY and you can watch it now:

So far I told and showed you a lot about Stephen Zimmer and his books but nothing about my package of the week. It is directly connected to The Storm Guardians.
Your assumption is true. Stephen has been so kind as to send me a copy of The Storm Guardians. So far, so good. That is neither unusual nor special. But I received a package and there was a lot more space than you need for a book.
Beside the book I received:
Two poster, two A4 cover cards,three bookmarks, nine art cards featuring illustrations by Matthew Perry and ..... a t-shirt.
It was like Christmas. As you all know pictures tell more than thousand words I show you everything I got. From my point of view Matthew Perry did once again a great job with the cover and the illustrations.
Row one = Two posters, The book and two A4 cover cards
Row two = Back of the Book, Nine art cards and three bookmarks
Row three = Four art cards part one, Four art cards part two
Row four = T-Shirt, T-Shirt with two A4 cover cards
Click on picture for larger version

Does this look like bribery? Maybe for some people. But not for me. Stephen will get nothing more than a honest and fair review of The Storm Guardians.

Anyway I want to say thank you to Stephen. I like the content of the package a lot and I look forward to read and review The Storm Guardians. I'm nosy to see whether it works better for me or not. I try to be cautious with promises but I'm sure that you can read my review of The Storm Guardians in July 2010.

Dear Readers, that gives you the opportunity, to read my reviews of Crown of Vengeance and The Exodus Gate.
If you want to read something beyond mainstream then go, buy and read

Crown of Vengeance

The Exodus Gate

The Storm Guardians

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