Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Edi's Lightouse Ledger: Read in March 2010

I still can't believe it. This is my blog. And after the introduction from yesterday this is my first post.
Let me start with a kind of post which you will get normally at the end of a month:
Information about and around the books I read in the mentioned month.
Last week I have been without blog. So you get the post with a slight delay :)

I still want to read six books per month.
In March 2010 I read five books, exchanged one and continued one. Let's go into details:

Books read
The Gardens of the Moon (2009, 10th anniversary edition)
[ISBN-13: 978-0593065068], by Steven Erikson
I wanted to read the whole series within 2010 by reading one book per month.
But so far I failed. So far I'm on page 127. I like it.
Fortunately there are more people who want to read/reread the whole series.
Please read Steven Erikson's "Malazan Book of he Fallen": Joining Forces and The Gardens of the Moon review both by Mihai (Dark Wolf).
And not to forget The Malazan Re-read of the Fallen: Introductory Post by Stefan Raets and Bill Capossere

The Exodus Gate (2009, 566 p.)
[ISBN-13: 978-0615267470],by Stephen Zimmer
Stephen Zimmer's second series.
Read my review for detailed information.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (2010, 410 p.)
[ISBN-13: 978-1841498171], by N.K.Nemesin
A very promising debut novel. There are a lot reviews available like [1], [2], [3], [4]
I skipped the book and read instead:

Not Less Than Gods (2010)
[ISBN-13: 978-0765318916], by Kage Baker
My first contact with Kage Baker and her Company series.
This will be the first book to be reviewed at Edi's Book Lighthouse.

Soulless (2009)
[ISBN-13: 978-0316056632], by Gail Carriger
The first book ever I "hijacked". I wrote in my review:
"For me Gail Carriger is the Ada Lovelace of the urban steampunk romance!
Soulless is a three S story: Sassy, Steamy, Smart."

[ISBN-13: ], by Joel Shepherd
First book in the Cassandra Kresnov series. I reviewed the book for Science Fiction Appreciation Month over at Walker of Worlds. I don't know when the review will be posted. I will keep you informed.

[ISBN-13: 978-0230744813], by Col Buchanan
I wrote in my review of Farlander
"Farlander is a great debut: intense, expressional, gripping, charming, unexpected, intelligent and promising"
Don't miss the latest Col Buchanan interview over at Falcata Times.

Finally I show you the cover of the books in the order I mentioned them.
Attention: Not Less Than Gods shows the US cover

Come back tomorrow when I talk about my planned reads in April 2010. Await an interesting mix....

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