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Edi's Lighthouse Chatter: What I missed last week

CHATTER - I doesn't mean it disparaging.
What does Lighthouse Chatter mean? The Lighthouse is the new home of ediFanoB, Bona, Fide, Bona Fide and the keeper of the minutes (we call him Kotm). And when we talk about books or other interesting things it sounds like chatter.

Dear Readers,
welcome to the world premiere of Edi's Lighthouse Chatter

Do you use google reader? We do. A good tool for not missing posts. And a curse when you don't check it regularly. Due to the extraordinary circumstances I didn't check my google reader entries for more than a week.
I opened my google reader and just had a look at the number of unread items (since several days it shows 1000+). What to do? It is impossible to read them all within a few hours. And Of course I must admit that I don't read every single post. But even to pick the ones I would like to read takes hours. Some time ago I was in the same situation and I spent a day for it. It was hard to know what to do.

Luckily Kotm came up with a good idea. Each of us should write about what he/she missed last week. Ooh, what an uproar in my mind. What a babble of voices! Finally we decided to exclude topics like food, sex, religion, sleeping habits and more....

And this is what ediFanoB, Bona, Fide, Bona Fide and Kotm missed last week. I'm forced to say that the order of the statements is random! Here we go:

Kotm (Keeper of the minutes)
"Er, er, er! Sorry for that. This is something new to me. So far I was used to summarize the drivel of Bona and Fide. But I'm glad to get the opportunity to show to you that I'm more than just a keeper of minutes. I'm a big fan of sites like
"Bibliographies for over 25,000 authors. Use the browse menu on the left to find an author by surname, or use the search boxes on the right to search for an author or book
Information on over 300,000 books. Throughout the site, just click on a book to see its cover picture, description and publication details"
I was overwhelmed when I discovered the site. And I still use it today.

And there is another ambitious site.I talk about Scrying the Fantastic. Seven blogger with a target:

"Scrying the Fantastic is a new initiative, brought to you by a international team of bloggers. The idea was conceived from the frustration of not having an existing resource to discover the forthcoming releases in the field of speculative fiction. We hope that you will be able to utilise this database of posts, sorted by publisher, month and year, using the tags. If you have any questions or you want to nudge us in the direction of publishers we might have neglected, please do email us at scryingthefantastic[at]gmail[dot]com."
The people behind are very busy. 17 posts in April so far. And I couldn't read one of them. It is so sad. But my time will come.

A wonderful addition is the monthly book spotlight over at Fantasy Book Critic. I'm grief-stricken that I couldn't read the Spotlight of April Books so far.
That's all from my side. Next one please."

Bona Fide
"Hi, everything is still so new for me. I follow Jo Scrawl's Ink and Paper. I like her blog and especially her series about libraries. I'm disappointed because I neither find the time to take part nor the time to read
The Bookworms Carnival - 50th Edition: High Fantasy. But I'm sure I will find the time to catch up soon. And now I need to continue to discover our new home. A lighthouse, what a strange idea. ediFanoB is an old fogey. Next one please."

"As I expected. All those thoughtful links. I like to have fun. And there was not much fun in the past week. I won't beat around the bush. I definitely missed our regularly visits to following sites - don't worry I just picked a handful.
Steampunkopedia - The ultimate steampunk research center
Oddly Specific - I always go there when I want to laugh or to shake my head
Cake Wrecks - I LOVE CAKE
Dark Roasted Blend and WebUrbanist - always something weird, wonderful, impressive"

"I'm so sad that we did not finish reading The Gardens of the Moon (2009, 10th anniversary edition)
[ISBN-13: 978-0593065068], by Steven Erikson because therefore we didn't follow the discussions about the book and couldn't share our (my) thoughts. But I'm sure I will get the opportunity to read Steven Erikson's "Malazan Book of he Fallen": Joining Forces and The Gardens of the Moon review both by Mihai (Dark Wolf)
and The Malazan Re-read of the Fallen: Introductory Post by Stefan Raets and Bill Capossere"

"Now it is up to me to write the final statement. I waited for the review of a book which has been recommended by Daniel Abraham. I talk about Bitter Seeds (April 2010) [ISBN-13: 978-0765321503], by Ian Tregillis.
I was glad when Liviu over at Fantasy Book Critic posted his review of Bitter Seed by Ian Tregillis. The only thing I have to do know is to read the review."

Follow the links and have fun. I hope to visit all these links during the next weekend.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for letting us know what you missed.

Michael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ediFanoB said...


to be honest, that was just a selection of what we (I) missed.

Seak (Bryce L.) said... I just found the comments part, I was always looking at the bottom of the post. Whoops :)

I recently found Oddly Specific and Cake Wrecks too. Because I needed more things to waste my time, but I love them. :D

ediFanoB said...


I know that there a still things to improve. Bu that takes time. As far as I can see the all functionalities work in one way or the other.

There are thousands of sites where you can "waste" your time :))

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