Monday, April 12, 2010

Edi's Lighthouse Chatter: DGLA 2010 - VOTE NOW

The Shortlist polls for all 3 categories are open on the website until 31st of May 2010
V O T E . . . N O W

Did you vote? Or do you need more time to make your decision? No problem.
I show you the official summary card which you can download here.
For your convenience I added a vote link to each award. You would like to see the covers? Then watch the video after the summary card.

Let me know your favorites.

The ‘MORNINGSTAR’ Award for “Best Fantasy Newcomer”
Vote Here

‘The Cardinals’ Blades’ by Pierre Pevel
‘The Drowning City’ by Amanda Downum
‘The Adamantine Palace’ by Stephen Deas
‘The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart’ by Jesse Bullington
‘Lamentation’ by Ken Scholes

The RAVENHEART Award for “Best Fantasy Cover Art”
Vote Here

JON SULLIVAN for Illustration, and SUE MICHNIEWICZ for Art Direction
for the cover of ‘THE CARDINAL'S BLADES’ by Pierre Pevel

JON SULLIVAN for the cover of ‘EMPIRE’ by Graham McNeill

LARRY ROSTANT for Illustration, and LOULOU CLARKE for Art Direction
for the cover of ‘FIRE’ by Kristin Cashore

for Art Direction for the cover of ‘BEST SERVED COLD’ by Joe Abercrombie

JACKIE MORRIS for Illustration, and DOMINIC FORBES for Art Direction
for the cover of ‘THE DRAGON KEEPER’ by Robin Hobb

The David Gemmell LEGEND Award for “Best Fantasy Novel 2010”
Vote Here

‘The Gathering Storm’ by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
Publisher: Tor US

‘Empire’ by Graham McNeill
Publisher: The Black Library

‘Warbreaker’ by Brandon Sanderson
Publisher: Tor US

‘Best Served Cold’ by Joe Abercrombie
Publishers: Gollancz & Orbit US

‘The Cardinal’s Blades’ by Pierre Pevel
Publishers: Gollancz

The DGLA Shortlists 2010 video:

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